Even Bernie Sanders was booed by his own supporters as he tried to gloss over the DNC email leak scandal during a meeting yesterday morning. Soon-to-be former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz also got booed during a breakfast gathering of delegates from her own home state of Florida. The ′Bernie or Bust′ crowd also heckled Nancy Pelosi at a meeting of delegates from California. Outside the Democratic National Convention, thousands of DNC protesters expressed their anger over the Democratic Party rigging the primaries in favor of Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. Inside the Wells Fargo Center, the Bernie People booed often during the first day of the DNC convention. By late evening, DNC staffers had security physically confiscate any signs away from Sanders delegates. Democracy and free speech died in Philadelphia.

DNC Protests

Well, what else can you expect? The Democratic Party has long been the political party of slavery, oppression and theft. There is little difference when it comes to stealing someone′s life, property or basic, God-given, human rights. Plantation politics has always been a trademark of the Democrats. So too is silencing dissent, as we often see at colleges and universities.

About 50 people were taken into custody by police on Day One of the Democratic National Convention. Most of those were Bernie Sanders protesters who staged a sit-in, blocking an entrance to the Wells Fargo Center. CNN, in a moment of journalistic judgment, broke away from televising the police physically removing the protesters in order to show a group of dancing, singing, Black men entertaining the delegates inside the convention. CNN thinks the soft shoe is more news worthy than the iron boot!

As I predicted, the DNC convention became a freak show. While some 61 speakers attacked Donald Trump, Republicans, police and science itself, not one word was uttered about the global threat of radical Islamic terrorism. There were calls for restraining police and for taking away our Second Amendment rights. Apparently those Democratic Party speakers had not heard that many of the people killed in the past week were either run over by a truck, hacked with an ax, or stabbed with a knife. In Japan, one mad man upset about losing his job at a retirement facility killed 19 people with a knife.

But we did hear First Lady Michelle Obama plagiarize herself when she again moaned and groaned about having to wake up everyday in a house built by slaves. She could feel the lash on her own back as she orders room service and is waited on hand and foot. It sucks being her! Somehow she still thinks America has always been great, even though she only became proud of our country back in 2008.

As Day two unfolds, we will see how much longer the DNC protests continue? Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has promised more emails will be released, this time those from Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton, herself, as well as from her campaign staff. Assange says that there is enough evidence in the next batch to indict her on federal charges. Yeah, right! Not with Loretta Lynch running things. Still, it could be enough to continue a decline in her poll numbers. If Donald Trump wins, Crooked Hillary Clinton may yet still face the long arm of The Law.

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