The 4th terrorist attack in Germany this week happened last night in Ansbach at an outdoor music festival. A 27-year old Syrian refugee blew himself up with a bomb, with a dozen wounded from the explosion. The unnamed terrorist tried to enter the festival but was denied, having no ticket. So he exploded his backpack bomb at a nearby bar. The day before, another Syrian refugee, an 18-year old male, attacked 3 people with a machete, killing one and wounded two. Police are trying to downplay this as not being terror-related. Really? On Thursday we had the shootings in Munich and before that a 17-year old refugee from Afghanistan attacked 4 people on a train with an ax. As Donald Trump would say, ′there is something going on′!

We know there is something going on. Its called radical Islamic terrorism! There is little doubt that the Syrian refugee crisis has caused a major spike in terrorism across Europe. Starting last year and increasing since the New Years Day series of mass assaults on women, Muslim refugees are becoming more violent and active. So much so that many attacks hardly even get any press in The Media. For example, last week in France, a Muslim man attacked three young French girls, one only 8-years old, because they were wearing summer outfits of just tank tops, shorts and flip-flops.

So while German authorities try to avoid calling these last few attacks as being tied to radical Islamic extremism, there is little doubt that it is connected. This newest incident of a bombing in Ansbach, Germany seems the most glaring example. A 27-year old Syrian refugee who tried to attack an outdoor music festival with a bomb inside a backpack is not just some nut who went crazy and grabbed an ax or a machete. You just cannot go into a store and buy a backpack bomb. Somebody had to make it after gathering the components and do some planning. Just getting hold of explosives in Europe is a tricky thing. Call it what you want, this was radical Islamic terrorism, pure and simple.

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