Sometimes I just have to giggle! This morning, the New York Post has on its cover a terrific headline, ″Obama For Trump″. Apparently it is true. Obama is going to vote for Donald J. Trump! Malik Obama, that is. Yes, Barack Obama′s half-brother from Kenya, who has immigrated to the United States intends to vote for Trump. Not only is Malik an immigrant, but a genuine Muslim, too! Plus he′s a real African-American, unlike Barack. Seems that Malik is not happy about Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton, mainly because he blames her for the death of his buddy, Omar Gadaffy, deceased dictator of Libya. Malik is also not happy about the Democratic Party position on gay, same-sex marriage. Malik Obama believes that marriage is only between a man and a woman, and he ought to know. Malik reportedly has between three to twelve wives! So he is apparently a big fan of the holy sacrament marriage!

Obama For Trump

I just love it! Sometimes this job is both easy and a whole lot of fun. Especially when you have news items like this. Now, I am not sure if Donald Trump is happy that Malik Obama is supporting him. As we all know, Malik runs a non-profit, IRS-approved, tax-free organization which has, in the past, raised money to help the Muslim Brotherhood, a long time advocate of radical, Islamic extremism. In fact, former IRS official Lois Lerner, personally fast-tracked approval for Malik′s organization, giving them non-profit, tax-free status in less than two weeks! I′m sure that Malik being the half-brother of Barack Obama had nothing to do with that fast-tracked approval from the IRS. Yeah, Right!!!

So are chuckling with me about this New York Post story on how Malik Obama is planning to cast his vote for Donald J. Trump? Let′s face it, the NY Post has not been on Trump′s side, publishing many terrible headlines, and awful pictures, about the GOP nominee. But, as they say, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I have not seen any reaction from Donald Trump, nor his campaign, about this apparent endorsement by Barack Obama′s half-brother. But it is just one more skin prick against Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton and the corrupt and crazy Democratic Party. They can′t even earn a vote from a immigrant, Kenyan bigamist. By the way, why are we giving a bigamist citizenship anyway? I wonder if Malik was hoping Mitt Romney would run again?

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