All of the facts are yet to be learned, but yesterday, an 18-year old male with dual citizenship to Germany and Iran went on a shooting rampage in Munich. The unnamed gunman killed 9 people and wounded 27 using a pistol. According to police, he later shot himself about half a mile from the crime scene. The gunman began his rampage at a McDonalds restaurant near the Olympic shopping mall. According to a Muslim woman who was there, the young gunman shouted ″Allahu Akbar!″ several times and targeted children. He then walked to the shopping mall and shot more victims there. Barack Obama spoke to the press while the city of Munich was in a lockdown mode, hunting for the gunman. Obama joked and laughed, hardly mentioning the incident. And people say Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be president!

To call Obama a dirt bag, a heartless asshole, and an insane cretin would not suffice! He must have gone to the Lyin′ Ted Cruz School of Manners. If you cannot behave or say something respectful while children are bleeding to death, maybe you just shouldn′t say anything at all! Go play golf or something. But no, Obama always has to find an excuse to go in front of a TV camera, like we care what he thinks. Earth calling Obama, you are a lame duck! Shut up and go away!

Obama talked yesterday about the acceptance speech by Donald J. Trump given Thursday night at the close of the 2016 Republican National Convention. Obama mocked Trump about how the world is not as ′dark′ and dangerous as Trump said. The world is not in flames, according to Obama. The dozen or so high profile shootings and terrorist attacks of the past 6 weeks are nothing to get worked up about. Hey, the economy is great! Even though over 50% of young Blacks in America are unemployed, or half of college graduates can′t find a job, that doesn′t matter. Cities and states going bankrupt, no problem. Wall Street is making a ton of cash while average Americans struggle from paycheck to paycheck.

Barack Obama′s reaction to the Munich shooting rampage in Germany demonstrates, once again, how unfit he was to ever be elected president. He is insane! He should be impeached! Obama has no business holding any position of responsibility. His policies have been a disaster to this country. He′s doubled the National Debt and then some. Thanks to his immigration policy, we now have people walking around with diseases once eradicated, not to mention immigrants who are criminals and even terrorists. We have had the worst economic ′recovery′ in since WW2. The list goes on and on of how bad things have gotten. In a recent poll, 69% say America is headed in the wrong direction. Only 15% said things are good. Meanwhile, children bleed to death on the streets of Munich, Chicago, Nice, Detroit, Baltimore, Paris, etc. Young girls are beaten up by Muslim men because the girls wear tank tops, shorts and flip-flops, instead of burkahs. No jokes about that, Obama?

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