On the final night of the 2016 Republican National Convention, Donald J. Trump accepted the nomination as the GOP presidential candidate. During his 76-minute speech, Trump shared his views on the current state of our nation, and of its leaders. It was a dismal view. Some pundits say a ′dark′ view. But they are not the ordinary citizens who feel trapped, living paycheck to paycheck. Those pundits are not the ordinary Americans who live in our inner cities and are afraid to let their children play outside. The eggheads of The Media are not among the tens of millions who feel left behind, ignored, and forgotten. Donald Trump spoke to them and assured them that ″I am your voice!″ That he will work everyday to make their lives better. Unlike Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton, Donald Trump is not a puppet, bought and paid for by the special interests. Donald J. Trump has only one interest, to ′Make America Great Again!′

The theme of last night was ′Make America One Again′. To end the divisions exploited and often caused by politicians and special interests for their own gain. Not all of those divisions are solely caused by Liberal Democrats. Trump′s line up of speakers included women of various races and ethnicities to address those divisions. During her speech to introduce her father, Ivanka Trump talked about equal pay and maternity leave. Of equal opportunity and child care. Before her, PayPal billionaire Peter Theil discussed gay rights and warned the audience about getting caught up in issues like which bathroom to use. Believe it or not, the audience responded well to these matters.

Donald Trump, himself, made a direct appeal to the LGBTQ community, promising to protect their rights as citizens and defend them from hatred and evil. Trump even thanked the Evangelical community for their support, despite the fact that he may not deserve it. The reality is, Donald Trump believes in law and order, and the law must be applied equally and fairly to all. Trump vowed that he will protect religious rights as much as he protects other rights. As I have been saying since last summer, Donald Trump is building a bigger tent than even Ronald Reagan could have imagined.

This is why the Lyin′ Ted Cruz and the rest of the dolts lost to Trump. For more than 20 years, they have been pitching the same old crap and getting nowhere. The average citizen isn′t sitting around his or her kitchen table worried about ideals like freedom or the nuances of the Constitution. They are worried about paying the mortgage, for health insurance, the school their children go to and putting food on the table. The endless use of Ronald Reagan as a demigod of so-called ′Conservative principles′ is just plain wrong! On social issues, Reagan was pretty loose. Yes, when it came to economic matters, Reagan could quote Hayek all day long. But I doubt if he would ever have been invited to speak at the Westboro Baptist Church.

The country has changed since Ronald Reagan. In many ways, it has gotten worse. The National Debt is unbelievably high. Employment is at levels as low as during the late 1970s. Incomes have not kept pace with costs. After years of falling crime and murder rates, those are starting to rise again. Threats from abroad are building. Our borders are not secure. Our streets are less safe. Confidence in government and institutions is at an all-time low. Yet, most politicians respond to these challenges with tweaking rather than genuine change. If any change at all! As far as most elected Democrats are concerned, everything is A-OK.

Trump knows this to be false. He′s been pointing out flawed policies for decades. Since the late 1990s, Donald Trump has been frustrated by the lack of leadership and know-how from our elected, and non-elected officials. This is when he began to seriously consider running for president, himself. After 8 years of George W. Bush, and now nearly 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama, Trump has decided to grasp the mantle and pick up the sword. He fought and defeated 16 other Republicans in the primaries. Donald J. Trump earned the GOP nomination fair and square.

In his speech, Trump reminded the delegates that during this primary season, there was an increase of more than 60% in Republican voter turn out, setting a new record high. He, himself, received more votes than any other nominee by several million, roughly 14 million in all. At the same time, turn out for the Democratic Party primaries dropped by more than 20%. Trump′s Populist-Nationalist message of America First struck a cord with the voters. His pulse on the mood of the nation was spot on, unlike his opponents. They failed to recognize what the American people are concerned about. Donald Trump did not. As many speakers, including all of Trump′s children, during the convention related, Trump is a blue-collar billionaire. He speaks the same language as that of construction workers, bellhops and small business owners. Trump talks and listens to real people and knows what they are feeling and thinking.

Donald Trump argued last night that Hillary Clinton does not know what the ordinary American thinks or feels. She listens only to the special interests and the wealthy donors. Hillary is out of step with the Common American. Worse than that, her judgment is completely wrong. Trump listed some of the failures of Hillary Clinton during her role as Obama′s secretary of State. How Obama and her have left the world a more dangerous place.

The deaths, the suffering and unrest around the world has risen sharply in recent years. Obama and Clinton have left a trail of turmoil across the globe, right into our own backyard. America is less safe and less secure thanks to the policies of Obama and Clinton. While Al Qaeda focused on large, massive terrorist attacks, the Islamic State, or ISIS, ISIL, has moved to make no place safe. Brutal, viscous attacks have occurred in nearly every sort of venue, from office parties to restaurants. From concert halls to subway train cars. ISIS terrorists resort to any weapon to achieve its objective of murder and terror. Bombs, rifles, knives, axes and motor vehicles. There is little doubt that ISIS will use even worse weapons if they have access to them.

At a time when we face more threats in more places than ever before, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been working to make our defenses weaker. Not only is our military being slashed, but so too our domestic police forces. Along with our court systems, our nation is becoming both less safe and more corrupt. Crime is rising on all levels. Those who break the laws are often set free or go completely unpunished. Just as Hillary Clinton lied and misguided the American people about Benghazi, she, herself, has lied about her own extreme carelessness, endangering our national security. Like Obama, Hillary often blames our police and law-abiding citizens for injustices, whether they be real or phony.

Donald Trump promises to be the ′Law and Order′ president. To ′Make America Safe Again′. Trump reminded us that without secure borders, just laws and strong enforcement and defenses, America will not remain a nation for long. That he will begin the task of correcting the many ills in our country on Day One of his administration. Trump has a vision of where he wants to take us as a nation. Improving our economy with better trade deals and improved infrastructure. Returning our schools to local control and giving everyone the right to choose where to send their children to learn. Enforcing our laws and making our streets and communities safe. And, perhaps most importantly, eliminating the rigged system that corrupts our government and our very way of life.

The audience at the Quicken Loan Arena liked what they heard. The 2016 Republican Party national convention ended on a high note, in full support of their candidate, Donald J. Trump. No doubt about it! Those who were worried about the GOP being divided need not any longer. Lyin′ Ted Cruz may have helped in this, demonstrating for all to see what an asshole he, and other so-called Conservatives are, still trapped in mindsets from 20-30 years ago. The world has moved on and Donald J. Trump has his hand on the wheel. We can vote for him in full confidence that Trump will get the job done, and ′Make America Great Again!′

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