Day 3 of the 2016 Republican Convention had plenty of action. The theme last night at the Quicken Loan Arena in Cleveland, Ohio was ′Make America First Again′. Somebody apparently forgot to tell Lyin′ Ted Cruz that, whose speech was all about making Lyin′ Ted Cruz first in 2020. But everybody else was on target, from Florida Governor Rick Scott and radio talk host Laura Ingraham, to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. But the best speeches of the night came from Eric Trump, Newt Gingrich and Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Pence wrapped up the night with his acceptance speech as being Donald Trump′s vice presidential running mate. So let us take a closer look at some of the highlights and occasional chaos.

We may as well start with the chaos first. The Cheater Supreme, the Lyin′ Ted Cruz, committed political suicide last night on stage before a prime-time TV audience. Now, in all fairness, we sort of knew this was going to happen long ago. Yet, the convention organizers and the Trump campaign agreed to allow Cruz to speak anyway, even after getting an advanced copy of his speech. Despite pleas by the Texas delegation, Cruz refused to honor his signed pledge to endorse the 2016 Republican presidential nominee. That′s we call him, Lyin′ Ted! He′s a liar and a cheater.

Cruz′s speech was over-the-top. He reminds me of the last movie from Republic Films, Jules Verne′s ″From the Earth to the Moon″. That film had two of the biggest ham actors ever in it, George Sanders and Joseph Cotton. The movie was literally a contest to see which of them could out-ham each other! Cruz always speaks like he′s performing Act IV, Scene 3 of William Shakespeare′s ″Henry V″. Cruz is a ham, or should a say a hunk of Canadian bacon? He had a golden opportunity to man-up and endorse Donald Trump, but he didn′t. When it became obvious to the crowd in the arena that he wasn′t going to, the booing began. The New York delegation began chanting, ″Endorse Trump! Endorse Trump!″ The West Virginia delegation just started booing. One TV camera was focused on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, whom you could see was upset and telling those around him about it.

Donald Trump, who knew Cruz was going to stiff him, timed his arrival perfectly. Many in the arena saw him and began chanting, ″Trump! Trump! Trump!″ In fact, most of the TV cameras being ′pooled′ by the news coverage followed Trump′s entrance while ignoring Cruz slithering off stage. Heidi Cruz had to be escorted out of the building as delegates taunted her about going back to Goldman Sachs. Lyin′ Ted Cruz tried to worm his way into the donor box of billionaire Sheldon Adelson, but was rebuffed and kicked out like a yellow dog with rabies. Cruz immediately used the episode to raise money for future campaigns, but his presidential ambitions may now be gone forever. Even his reelection run in 2018 for the US Senate may be not so easy. Fair to say any hope of Trump appointing him to the Supreme Court is history. Cruz will be lucky to be elected as a dog catcher in Canada after his betrayal.

Make no mistake, it was a betrayal. He signed a pledge and did not honor it. There had been some bad blood between Trump and Scott Walker, but Walker came around and endorsed Trump. So too did Marco Rubio, even if it was by video, and there was plenty of blood spilled between he and Trump. They manned-up and honored their written pledges. When Laura Ingraham spoke earlier in the night, she threw down the gauntlet for the rest of the Republicans to put their egos aside for the sake of saving America from four years of the Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. But the Lyin′ Ted Cruz thinks his poop doesn′t stink! Sorry fool, but it does! Boy does it ever!

Donald Trump′s second son, Eric Trump, was the next scheduled speaker. He seemed to come on stage a couple of minutes late judging by the film and music queues. I have to wonder if he unloaded on the exiting Cruz? Whether he did or didn′t, Eric Trump took the stage and knocked out a home run with a speech he wrote entirely himself. Personally, I′d say it was better than the one Don Jr. gave the night before. Eric just didn′t address the crowd at the arena, he spoke directly to viewers watching at home on TV. He gave solid, valid reasons for why you should vote for his father this November.

Then Newt Gingrich arrived. You can always count on a good speech from Newt, and he outdid himself. Some of the TV pundits remarked about how Newt did a ″clean-up on Aisle 9″, turning the Cruz speech into a positive. But most of Newt′s speech focused on the threat from radical Islamic extremists. He recited the numbers of casualties from terrorist attacks from just the past 37 days. Hundreds dead, thousands wounded. What more do you need to know that this is a real threat, unlike climate change/global warming. Barack Obama and Crooked Hillary Clinton have made a mess of the world and we certainly do not need another four years of their policies.

Finally, we had Indiana Governor Mike Pence take the stage to accept the nomination as the 2016 Republican vice presidential candidate. Now, I have to admit, I had low expectations for his speech. I figured it was going to be a typical, unimaginative, bland discourse of the sort we usually get from career politicians. I am happy to report that it was REALLY GOOD! Pence had a bit of everything in it. Some humor, some Crooked Hillary bashing, and plenty of praise for his running mate, Donald J. Trump. Mind you, there was some bad blood during the primaries between Trump and Pence, whom had supported the Lyin′ Ted Cruz. But any talk about how there is a rift between them still was washed away.

As I wrote recently, I get the feeling that Mike Pence has a little Trump in his inner soul. That much of what we have seen from him during his many years in politics was staged to appease the Status Quo of the GOP Establishment. He has been around long enough to see that even the so-called ′real Conservatives′ have failed in fixing the country. I suspect that there is a streak of Populism in his soul and that Donald Trump has liberated him to embrace it. Pence summed it up best with his calling Crooked Hillary the ″Secretary of the Status Quo″. She certainly is! A lot of Democrats know that, although they may be reluctant to admit it publicly. She is plugged in to the worst of corruption.

So I was very pleased and happy with the speech by Mike Pence last night to the 2016 Republican national convention. He knocked it out of the ballpark! The crowd chanted ″We Like Mike!″ in approval. So the night ended on a very high note despite the temper tantrum by the Lyin′ Ted Cruz. That egomaniac is toast now and hopefully I will never have to write about him again. Tonight we have the big finale for the RNC convention. Ivanka Trump will speak and introduce her father, Donald J. Trump, when he accepts the nomination as the 2016 Republican presidential candidate. Be there or be square!

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