Free speech took another step backwards on the Internet yesterday. Twitter has permanently banned Breitbart News writer and editor, Milo Yiannopoulos. Milo, known on Twitter as @Nero, is a political activist who champions the ′Alt Right′, a blending of Conservative, Libertarian and Nationalistic views, and a leader for the Gays For Trump group. Twitter cited ′abusive comments′ as their reasoning for banning him. This comes after a ′Twitter War′ between Milo and actress Leslie Jones, one of the stars of the new ″Ghostbusters″ movie. Milo panned the remake and described Jones as being ″barely literate″. During her fight with Milo, Jones received thousands of other ′tweets′, many with racial insults, from other users. She decided to suspend her account because of the hateful tweets. Shortly after that, Twitter pulled the plugged on Milo.

Now, I do not know all of the details, nor do I follow either Milo or Jones. While I am not personally acquainted with him, I have seen Milo speak at many forums, some in hostile venues against him at colleges. Milo always countered the hatred towards him with facts, not going personal. So I find it hard to believe that he, himself, was the source of any racial insults. But, then again, in this day and age of political correctness, the bar is mighty low when it comes to being accused of bigotry or racism.

Naturally, those of the Far-Left can get away saying anything they want. The Internet is, by and large, dominated by radical Liberalism, just as the rest of The Media is. I, myself, have been censored by Facebook several times just in the past two years. The last time was only a month or so ago, after I posted my article about how the Dahli Lama advised Europe to return Muslim refugees back to their homelands. The censorship against me was subtle, almost comical. Instead of the first couple of sentences from my article appearing below the headline, there was some nonsense about buying high-pressure water equipment. This went on for over a month!

So Breitbart News writer and editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been permanently banned on Twitter. How did Milo take it? Did he rant and rave about it? Start a hash-tag movement like #MiloTweetsMatter? Nope! Our hero of the Alt Right threw a party! Yes, Milo celebrated the ban. You see, we who are not Liberal-Progressive-Socialists wear our scars proudly. When we tick off The Media and they show their true colors as the Fascists that they are, it is a victory! A badge of honor! As for Leslie Jones, I could care less. I did not any intentions on watching the new ″Ghostbusters″ movie, even when it eventually airs on free-TV. I don′t think I′ve ever seen her ′working′, other than in some TV commercial for either a cell phone service or auto insurance. Whenever that commercial comes on, I switch channels, so I really don′t know what product she′s pitching for. I had no plans on buying it! Now, even more so!

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