Day 2 of the 2016 Republican national convention in Cleveland, Ohio went much smoother than Day 1. The roll call vote succeeded in officially making Donald J. Trump the 2016 GOP presidential nominee. His eldest son, Don Jr., spoke for the New York delegation which put him over the top after Pennsylvania gave them the honor. Later in the evening, Don Jr. wowed the crowd with an excellent speech which followed one by Trump′s younger daughter, Tiffany. Both described their father as one who encourages ambition and hard work. Don Jr. summed it up best saying that his father is a ″blue collar billionaire″. Among other notable speakers, we had Paul Ryan made an appeal for party unity, Chris Christie prosecuting Lying-Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton and Dr. Ben Carson connecting her with Lucifer. All in all, a normal night of Republican ideals.

The theme of last night was ′Make America Work Again′. We heard from a number of business people whom Donald Trump has assisted. Most of whom were not in a partnership with Trump, he just likes to help others succeed. What a guy! We also heard from those who work for The Donald who related more insights into how he listens and talks with everyone. Even janitors and concrete workers. Trump encouraged the same values to his children, too. Apparently, Don Jr. knows how to drive a bulldozer!

Naturally, the Mainstream Media was still harping about the Melania Trump speech and allegations of plagiarism. Paul Manafort continued to deflect the issue, saying that only some 50 out of about 1,400 words, including ″the″, ″a″ and ″and″, were the same as those used in the 2008 speech by Michelle Obama. Turns out that Michelle plagiarized those same lines, herself! This morning we learn that the person responsible for writing the Melania speech was a close, family friend. So you are not going to see anyone fired over this. For all we know, the writer did it as a favor and wasn′t even paid. In retrospect, this is nowhere near as bad as when Barack Obama stole much of Deval Patrick′s speech for his 2008 convention address. Joe Biden also has a history of plagiarism, as well as Crooked Hillary Clinton. Where was the media frenzy over that? An attempt to accuse Don Jr of plagiarism got shot down fast when it turned out that the guy he might have plagiarized wrote Don′s speech himself.

No, this is all about fear as the Liberals and Democratic Party heads are getting mighty nervous about their chances in November. Crooked Hillary′s poll numbers are steadily declining and Donald Trump′s are gaining ground. Melania Trump is a serious threat to contend with with her charm and grace. Nobody on the DNC side can match her. Trump′s children are also growing in popularity. Tonight, Eric Trump will take the stage, giving a speech he says he wrote himself. Some pundits, even Democrat ones, were very impressed by Don Jr last night, and see him as a potential, future candidate for the GOP. But Thursday night may be the icing on the cake as Trump′s eldest daughter, Ivanka, gives a speech before her father accepts the nomination. Ivanka has a HUGE following already! The Trump family IS Camelot, with a Queen′s accent!

Some of you may recall a Bloomberg News townhall event in New Hampshire, where most on the panel agreed that their perception of Donald Trump is that he was ″one of us″. A guy who works hard everyday, loves his family and eats at McDonalds. Trump has the common touch! Crooked Hillary is anything but common. She is part of the Elite. Part of the Privileged Class who makes money doing nothing and gets away with high crimes and misdemeanors. She never was as good of a campaigner as her husband, Bill Clinton. Her long history of deceptions has caught up with her. Most of her lies and frauds have been exposed during the first two days of the RNC convention.

Tonight, we shift gears as the theme changes to ″Make America First Again″. I am looking forward to the speeches by Eric Trump and Newt Gingrich. Mike Pence will also speak, after being proclaimed the vice presidential nominee yesterday by a voice vote. Two of Trump′s former rivals will also speak, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz. There is much speculation on whether or not Cruz will formally endorse Trump tonight? To not do so would be political suicide. If he ever intends to run again for president, today is the day for showing that he will be a team player. He did, after all, sign a pledge to support the nominee, whoever it may be. Donald Trump is the official nominee now, so there is no more wiggle room.

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