On Monday, the 2016 Republican National Convention opened at the Quicken Loan Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. There was plenty of controversy throughout the day and long into the evening. Not the least of which are allegations that two passages from the Melania Trump speech were plagiarized from the 2008 Michelle Obama convention speech. My only response to this is simply that when Michelle Obama spoke about the values of hard work and passing them on to future generations, she was lying and Melania was being honest. Barack and Michelle Obama have never worked a hard day in their combined lives. Everything they have, including their college degrees, were handed to them. On the charge of plagiarism, I have two points. As FBI Director James Comey would say, no reasonable prosecutor would take the case unless you could prove malicious intent. As Mick Jagger would, there is nothing new under the Sun.

Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort claims that there was no plagiarism. That the passages in question are common themes. There is no arguing that valuing hard work and working hard to make your dreams and ambitions come true is about as common as a grain of sand on a beach. These are principles that most of us share. Whether we put it into actual practice or not is another story. If anything, this is a ′glitch′. Another reminder that the Trump campaign is a rag-tag operation. A campaign with ten times the staff, like that of Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton, would have spent months with a team of writers working on the speech. They would have gone over it with a fine-tooth comb, testing each line with endless focus groups.

Melania Trump said in an interview before the convention that she wrote the speech herself with ″some help″. Maybe she did, maybe she didn′t. Either way, her delivery was sincere and honest. It was a good speech. The 99% that was purely original was terrific and well received. The Media frenzy over this is typical and expected. I′m surprised that it took nearly two hours for somebody to find fault in the speech. Obviously, this is a non-issue to gloss over the triumphant opening of the 2016 RNC convention.

Triumphant is the word for it! The night′s festivities were loaded with great speakers and speeches. Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith who died in the Benghazi attack, was riveting. Her indictment of Lying-Crooked Hillary was devastating! As were the testimony of two survivors from Benghazi who followed her. Rudy Giuliani′s speech was so powerful that even the Democrats in the focus groups gave him an ′A′.

There were other issues than just the Melania Trump speech. Namely the last stand of the Never-Trump fools. Their attempted coup failed faster than that of the Turkish military over Erdagon. Karma sucks and the Colorado delegation paid the price, walking out after the voice vote went against them. One leader of the Colorado delegation claimed on MSNBC after that this was a sign that representative government had failed. How odd, considering that there never was a vote in Colorado! No open primary, no closed primary, not even a caucus! I enjoyed the irony of it all.

So the talk of the day is about how the Melania Trump speech plagiarized Michelle Obama′s 2008 convention address. But if anything was plagiarized last night, it was Donald Trump′s entrance. It reminded me of the scene from ″Close Encounters of a Third Kind″ when the giant, alien mothership opened its doors at Devils Tower. The blinding, heavenly light and the first alien walking out to greet the humans. Coincidence? Plagiarism? Does it really matter? The theme of the first night of the 2016 RNC convention was ′Make America Safe Again′ and the Republicans got a heaping helping of why Donald Trump is better than Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton on that issue. Tonight′s theme will be ′Make America Work Again′. The GOP will hear why Trump will be better for our economy than Barack Obama or Crooked Hillary. In 2008, Obama plagiarized Deval Patrick′s speech and it didn′t hurt him, and he stole a lot more than just two passages.

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