In the wake of the Dallas shootings, the scene shifts to Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Sunday. Three police officers were killed and three others wounded in the Baton Rouge shootings. The gunman, Gavin Long from Kansas City, Missouri, decided to celebrate his 29th birthday by ambushing police. Long, a Black supremacist/separatist with racist-hate sites on the Internet, arrived in Baton Rouge some 6 days earlier, scouting things out. He targeted a convenience store about 1 mile from police headquarters as it was frequented by cops. Long then baited the ambush, making a 9-1-1 call himself. After a furious gun battle, six officers were down, three killed and the others wounded. Long was also killed, despite wearing a bulletproof vest.

I usually wait a day or so before discussing such events, in order to have some solid facts first. As soon as I heard about the Baton Rouge shooting, my initial conclusion was that this had been the work of another madman bent on some form of revenge for police shooting Blacks. Sure enough, I was right. Gavin Long frequently made Internet posts calling for the killing of White people and of police officers. Perhaps Congressman William Lacy Clay (D-MO), might have said that Gavin Long was in favor of ″White Genocide″. That perhaps this may have been Long′s motivation? But, as we all know, Congressman Clay is under the opinion that websites that mention the phrase ″White Genocide″ are racist.

With the exception of Donald Trump, most national politicians are walking that fine line between condemnation of violence and spreading more violence. Only Donald Trump is talking about law and order, to make America safe again. Unlike with the Dallas shooting, Barack Obama was cut off at the pass from blaming this latest event on a lack of gun laws. Obama got sideswiped by East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux, who, during a press briefing on Sunday, declared that the shooting was not related to gun control. The sheriff blamed this on evil hearts and warned that if this madness, the shooting of police officers, does not stop, we are done for as a nation.

Sheriff Gautreaux is correct. The less police do to fight crime, the worse off we all are. FBI Director James Comey has warned before about the ′Ferguson Effect′, of how police in many communities are less aggressive and shying away from working in some neighborhoods. But things have gotten worse since Ferguson. While the incidents of police wrongfully shooting Black men has declined in the past year, the killing of police officers has more than doubled. During all of 2015, 14 officers were killed in the line of duty. In less than 7, full months of 2016, 30 have been killed. With yesterday′s shooting, about half were killed in deliberate ambushes!

The NAACP is demanding that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton support legislation to defund police departments that practice discrimination. This is more madness! For starters, there are fewer incidents of discrimination. Nearly every major urban police force now practices what is commonly called ′Community Policing′. Genuine cases of actual discrimination are prosecuted fairly and justly in the courts. So when groups like the NAACP or Black Lives Matter chant, ″No Peace, No Justice″, they are simply wrong and are fanning the flames of hatred.

Obama, himself, is also to blame for much of this inaccurate rhetoric. FBI crime statistics show the truth, but it is ignored by The Media and those politicians engaged in ′plantation politics′. The sister of Officer Montrell Jackson, a Black man himself, put it best when she was interviewed by the Washington Post. She said that it seems like ″No Lives Matter″. This is exactly true when one rejects the concept of ′All Lives Matter′, which happens frequently by The Media and groups like Black Lives Matter. Either all life matters equally or none at all. The agitators are willing to accept the consequences of no life matters to forward their agenda of hate.

So this is where are stand today in America. The Baton Rouge shooting is just the latest of a growing and alarming trend. The discontent is being spread by those who profit from dividing the country, like Barack Obama. He has hosted members of Black Lives Matter several times at the White House, and rejected a petition demanding that the group be designated as a terrorist organization. The overwhelming majority of police officers nationwide act fairly and justly in keeping the rest of us safe. The few ′bad apples′ that may occur now and then are not only not a major problem, but are declining as statistics prove. America is becoming more just everyday as bigotry and evil are rooted out. But there are still pockets of both and they are less found in police departments than in agitation groups like Black Lives Matter.

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