Forget about ′Shark Week′! This is ′Donald Trump Week′ as we kick off the 2016 RNC national convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The spectacular spectacle takes place at the Quicken Loan Arena, home of the NBA basketball team and 2016 champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers. We will experience all Trump, all the time! Starting on Monday night, we will have all Trump, and more Trump, all the time. Leading up to Thursday night when Donald J. Trump accepts the Republican Party nomination to be the 2016 GOP presidential candidate. While a parade of politicians, celebrities and members of the Trump family all take the stage to praise Donald Trump, there will be a few dissenters both inside and outside of the convention.

There was some activity by the fools of the ′Never Trump′ bunch. Led by Utah Senator Mike ′Cuck′ Lee, the attempt to release delegates from the will of the voters failed. The GOP Rules Committee voted overwhelmingly to abide by established rules, requiring delegates to honor their representation to their state′s voters. The dissenters only got half of the needed 29 out of 100 votes by Rules Committee members. With this final nail in the coffin of the Never Trump idiots, low-energy Jeb Bush wrote a scathing op-ed claiming how he plans to retake the Republican Party. Right! Republican primary voters made it abundantly clear that they reject Jeb and his Cuckservative ′policies′. Dream on, Jeb! I wonder what the betting line in Vegas is for another member of his family to be arrested for some petty crime?

We are also already seeing Far-Left demonstrators outside the Quiken Loan Arena begin there week of street protests. The City of Cleveland has sworn in hundreds of police officers from other cities to assist in maintaining law and order. Some of these groups are threatening violence and police are ready for them. The courts will be open 20 hours a day to process law breakers arrested during protests. The word is out that there will be minimal tolerance for any acts of violence.

Inside the Quiken Loan Arena, the 2016 RNC national convention will begin on Monday. Donald Trump′s wife, Melania, will be among those speaking on stage during the first night. His children will each get a chance to speak as the week rolls on towards the big finale on Thursday night. That is when Donald J. Trump will take the stage and accept the nomination to be the GOP presidential candidate. Whether you are a Republican or not, I have no doubt that you will find plenty of interesting items during Donald Trump Week.

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