So it is now official! Donald Trump has selected Indiana Governor Mike Pence to be his vice presidential running mate. A wise, safe choice by Trump. Many say that Pence adds ′balance′ to the Trump ticket. Pence is as white bread as his white hair. A bland sort of vanilla. The opposite of the high-energy Donald Trump. Sure, Pence is not perfect. He has his flaws as we all do. Pence does bring experience, not only as a former Congressman and a sitting governor, but also as an ′Insider′ to the GOP political machinery. Besides, its not like Pence will have any real power. The vice presidency is one of the worst political jobs in America.

One thing that the selection of Pence does show is it exposes, again, just how empty the Republican bench is of any insightful leadership. Don′t get me wrong, the bench for the Democratic Party is far worse! There is nobody with a brain in the DNC. They are totally barren of new ideas. New approaches to how to govern.

Mike Pence is essentially the Cuckservative dreamboat. Well thought of by the Establishment. A practitioner in the art of compromise. A guy you can count on to take the middle of the road. Pence obeys the speed limits of conscious thought. Never rash, never outspoken. About as dull a blade as you can find in your kitchen cabinet drawers.

The perfect choice in our era of mediocrity. Especially for Donald Trump. He is the top of the ticket, after all. The man with the vision. The man of action. The ultra Alpha Male. Trump is smart in not picking anyone who can out shine him. Frankly, there really isn′t anyone who could. The added bonus is that Pence rarely speaks out on any subject. Even when he does, few pay him any attention. This was the primary drawback for other potential VP contenders, like Newt Gingrich or Chris Christie. They have a tendency to go off script and are prominent enough to get some press when they do.

Hardly anyone knows who Mike Pence is. Unless you are a political junkie, or are conscious and living in the State of Indiana, Pence is as unimportant as the lint in your belly button. He has a very low name recognition in America and probably never will, even if he winds up serving as vice president for the next 8 years. He′ll be one of those guys that roving TV types use in their ′Dummies on the Street′ segments. I′ll bet half of those interviewed will say Pence is Joe Biden when shown his picture, if they give a name at all.

Is Mike Pence ′balance′ for Donald Trump? HELL NO! How do you balance a shooting star? A moonbeam? A lightning bolt? A clap of thunder? Pence balances Trump as much as a dandelion balances an erupting volcano! Pence is a safe, wise choice for Trump. The Indiana governor will not upstage Trump as Sarah Palin did to John McCain. Whoever Donald Trump picked would not matter as The Media is going to trash the GOP ticket anyway. Pence may wind up surprising us, if he uses this opportunity to cast off the shackles of the Cuckservatives and actually go rogue. His interview with Sean Hannity last night on Fox News shows some potential for just that. I′m not going to hold my breath, however, to see if Mike Pence becomes enlightened. This election is about Donald Trump and how he will ′Make America Great Again′. All else is just noise and fluff.

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