Nice, France is a popular tourist location along the French Riviera, especially during Bastille Day. Hundreds of thousands gathered along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to watch a spectacular fireworks display last night. Shortly after it ended, just before 11pm local time, a 31-year old man named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel from Msaken, Tunisia drove a large, commercial truck through the crowd. At least 84 people have been killed and dozens remain hospitalized. About 18 people are in critical condition. A path of destruction was cut along the Promenade des Anglais, the ′Avenue of Angels′ for nearly a mile. The street had been blocked off by police, who were out in full force during the holiday event. Police did eventually stop the terrorist, shooting him dead.

Witnesses say that the driver fired a gun first, then accelerated his truck, zig-zagging his way through the crowd of pedestrians, mowing down as many as he could. Guns and hand grenades were found in the truck by police. A motorcyclist tried to stop the terrorist, racing alongside the truck in an attempt to open the driver door. But the heroic effort ended in death for the bike rider. As the carnage and shooting went on, thousands fled for their lives in sheer panic.

The whole episode probably lasted less than a minute. Police riddled the truck′s cab with bullets killing the terrorist. But for many, the horror was just beginning. Bodies were strewn everywhere. Many of those killed and injured were foreigners on vacation. At least two Americans are among the dead, a Texas man and his son. There were dozens of children killed and wounded along with adults. French President Francois Hollande says that some 50 people are fighting for their lives today in hospitals.

Reaction around the world varied. On websites and social media for the Islamic State, ISIS or ISIL, there was celebration. Back in 2010, the Al Qaeda magazine, ″Inspire″, published a how-to article on using vehicles to kill infidels. HAMAS has been using this tactic even earlier in Israel, where acquiring other weapons is difficult. In 2014, ISIS began instructing their followers to carry out such attacks using trucks. Barack Obama acknowledged that ″it seems″ to have been a terrorist attack. What a dolt! Crooked Hillary Clinton actually call Bill O′Reilly last night during his show on Fox News to express her concerns over the ″jihadist″ attack. Donald Trump called O′Reilly earlier and went full tilt demanding we declare war on ISIS. Trump is postponing his Veepstakes winner, which everyone assumes will be Mike Pence. Runner-up Newt Gingrich made a call to arms expressing how there is an existential threat to Western Civilization. Newt even called for some type of loyalty test for Muslim Americans.

So all eyes are on Nice, France as it is the bloody scene of the latest radical, Islamic terrorist attack. The Bastille Day fireworks celebration turned into a deadly nightmare as a terrorist drove a large truck through a huge crowd of pedestrians. Some 84 are dead as a result with dozens struggling to survive in hospitals. French President Francois Hollande has canceled plans to end the state of emergency in order to give police more power in hunting down possible terror cell members. He also intends to increase French airstrikes in Syria and Iraq against the Islamic State. The questions now are, is this too little, too late and when and where will the next attack take place?

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