Attorney General Loretta Lynch faced Congress yesterday regarding the Hillary Rodham Clinton private email server matter. Lynch dodged questions from House Republicans on the decision not to file criminal charges against Clinton for the mishandling of classified material. The Attorney General refused to answer the basic question about the difference between being ″extremely careless″, as FBI Director James Comey described it, and with the specific ′legal′ phrase of ″gross negligence″, as described in the Espionage Act. Lynch referred GOP members of the House Committee to Comey′s comments dozens of times. In doing so, she demonstrated a total disregard for transparency and of fulfilling her duties as Attorney General of carrying out equal justice under the law.

I don′t know why the House Republicans even bothered questioning Loretta Lynch. Any dummy could have told them before hand that she was not going to cooperate nor be open and frank. She is a political hack, just like all of Barack Obama′s appointees. The reason she went along with this farce is obvious. Crooked Hillary has promised Lynch that she can keep her cushy job as Attorney General. Given that Lynch was made a federal prosecutor by Bill Clinton when he was president, Lynch should have recused herself from the whole matter at the very beginning of the investigation. Whether the fix was in from the start, or more recently after her semi-secret meeting with Bill on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport, does not matter. Her status in this affair was tainted.

Loretta Lynch took the low road before Congress, dodging their questions about the Hillary Clinton email scandal. At least FBI Director James Comey made an effort to answer what questions he could. Lynch wouldn′t even do that much. She showed herself to be a stooge for the Barack Obama administration and an ally of Crooked Hillary. No doubt she will abuse her authority in regards to any other investigations facing Bill and Hillary Clinton. The only hope we have, other than Trump winning the White House, is for enough Republicans to get elected to the US Senate to block her being reappointed as Attorney General.

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