I almost fell out of my chair last night watching ″Watch What Happens Live″ on Bravo-TV, hosted by Andy Cohen. Yes, I was watching Cohen while staying up late, past 11pm, for a phone call which never came. But I′m glad I did for the survey poll last night was between Donald Trump and Lying, Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. Viewers were encouraged to call in and text their choice for our next president. I expected Clinton to win by a landslide, given the demographics of the Bravo-TV audience of mostly women, homosexuals, metrosexuals and waifu degenerates. But much to my surprise, it was a landslide in favor of Donald J. Trump! He blew away Crooked Hillary 65% to 35%! Andy Cohen seemed just as surprised and added that according to his producer, they received the most responses than any other poll ever done on the show. As the late, great Eddy Wally would say, ″WOW!!!″

My guess is that the two guests were also just as shocked with the results. Cohen had on Heather Dubrow of ″The Real Housewives of Orange County″ and Rob Corddry of the HBO series, ″Ballers″. Plans are to repeat the poll again soon, perhaps monthly or weekly. Of course, the poll was ′unscientific′, but, on the other hand, it was raw, Vox Populi in action. I′m guessing that not a lot of the usual sort of people whom one might find at a Trump rally were watching.

This can only spell bad news for Crooked Hillary, who also lost some ground in the latest NBC News/Survey Monkey poll which came out this morning. She still leads Trump by 4 points, having lost 1 and Trump gaining 1 since the last poll. That poll continues to show very weak support from the ′Youth Vote′ for her as well. An important demographic for Democrats.

So are you as shocked as I am with the results of the Trump-Clinton poll taken last night during the Bravo-TV show, ″Watch What Happens Live″, hosted by Andy Cohen? Not only did Donald Trump blow away Lying-Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton 65% to her 35%, but the show also recorded the most responses in their 6-year history! I will be interested to see if the results remain similar next time around. Maybe next time, Bravo-TV, which is owned by NBC-Universal, will tip off the Clinton campaign ahead of time so they can stuff the ballot box with mass texting. But if it does stay consistent, this could prove to be a very revealing pulse on the public′s attitude towards the two major candidates. Neither of whom low-energy Jeb Bush will vote for.

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