About 200 people were arrested during protests organized by #BlackLivesMatter last night. The protests were held in several cities across America, including Baton Rogue and St. Paul, cities where the two most recent police shootings of Black men took place. There were about 100 arrests made at protests held Saturday night, as well. The shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and of Philando Castile in St. Paul have caused this latest round of protests. There are more calls again for improving police training and oversight, as well as the use of body cameras on all officers. Meanwhile, in Dallas, more chilling details are emerging about shooting suspect Micah Johnson. Not only was he planning a much larger attack against White police officers, but he may also have ties with several Black supremacist groups.

Investigators have searched the home of Johnson in Mesquite, Texas and found an arsenal of weapons, including tannerite, an explosive substance. It is often used in the various gun TV shows where shooters blow up cars and other items when firing rifles or handguns at them. The primary weapon Johnson used during his ambush of Dallas police officers Thursday night was an old Soviet Russian SKS rifle. The SKS is a semiautomatic rifle with a non-detachable 10-round box magazine, loaded from above the chamber with 7.62mm ammunition on stripper clips. The weapon was often used in the Vietnam War by the Viet Cong and by North Vietnamese snipers.

Police also found tactical combat manuals, and from some reports, one which Johnson, himself, may have written on ′move-and-shoot′ tactics. While he did serve in the US Army Reserves, his specialty was as an engineer, primarily in construction. Laying cement and rough carpentry. However, Johnson apparently went through a private school which teaches combat tactics, including weapons training and hand-to-hand combat. Investigators are also probing into his possible connections with several groups, such as the New Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam and the Black Riders of Liberation Party. Ryan Lenz of the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies all three as Black supremacist groups, which have doubled in the past year, the same rate as White supremacist groups. So much for the nation not being more divided as Barack Obama claims! Even the Far-Left SPLC torpedoes that myth.

Meanwhile, the violence on the streets of America continues. Mind you, nobody wants police officers shooting citizens for no good reason. Even Donald Trump spoke out against that on Friday! But the statistics show that the number of civilians shot by police, for whatever reason, is relatively small. Last year, about 240 Whites were shot and killed by police, along with some 140 Blacks and 46 Hispanics. Most Black males who are shot and killed are shot by other Black men, about 88% overall. Yet, we see few protests over this type of violence. It hardly even gets mentioned on news programs. Just in Chicago alone, about 8 Blacks are shot every day and more than a dozen are killed every week!

Where is #BlackLivesMatter on this? Why are they camped out in Chicago? Or other major cities, trying to enlighten those communities to take steps in ending such violence. There are some bad apples in every large police force, nobody is denying that. But statistically speaking, there is no evidence of any plot nor policy of police deliberately targeting Black men for murder. The overwhelming number of those who police do shoot and kill are done so because they are armed and or are a threat to the community. Including the Black community! Micah Johnson not only shot at a dozen police officers when he went on his rampage to kill White people, but he also shot two civilians, one of them a Black woman. She was one of protesters in Dallas and has publicly thanked the police officer who saved her and her son that dreadful night.

I realize that seeking justice is getting harder these days. Especially after Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton got off scott free by the highest justice authorities in our country. But whether you are running a police department or a restaurant, you have to have a process, a system, to ensure that every citizen, every customer is treated equally the same way. #BlackLivesMatter needs to take responsibility for what they are doing to further divide America. If our system needs improving, and it certainly does, we have to do it together. A wise move after the Dallas shootings would have been to cool it for a few days. Tone things down a notch or two. Instead, it seems that some desire to ratchet up the hate and violence. The end result will not be one that BLM will like. In the short term, things could spiral out of control very quickly. In the long term, you′re handing Donald Trump the White House on a golden platter.

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