″It began with heads held high. It ended with heads cut off! The French Revolution, tonight on ″The Western Tradition″!″ So began one of my favorite episodes of the old PBS history series hosted by Professor Eugene Weber. Unfortunately, for America, we may be one step closer to outright revolution. According to police, the Dallas shooting suspect, Micah Xavier Johnson, hated White people. He wanted to kill White people, especially White police officers. Johnson told police during the gun battle and stand-off that he was upset with BlackLivesMatter and upset over the recent police shootings of Black citizens. If you watch the news, you would be upset, too! Unfortunately, as a guest on The Rush Limbaugh Show pointed out, police shoot White people much more often. But that isn′t news worthy. Who gets upset over White people getting shot? Who cares?

That is the problem with statistics. When ′The Truth′ is revealed not everyone is happy with the results. Crime statistics do show that proportionately, Blacks do commit crimes several times more than Whites do. But, on the other hand, there are still more Whites, so they still commit most of the crimes, and therefore face the police more often. But our friends in The Media are not interested, unless it is something sufficiently salacious. A White criminal who is arrested for stalking Cameron Diaz or some other celebrity might make headlines for one news cycle.

This is the ′Red Pill′ that Rush Limbaugh served up to his audience when he had a guest, a rare occurrence, yesterday. Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute listed off the FBI crime stats, which she details in her new book, ″The War on Cops″. One look at the numbers and emerging pattern does seem to show that the Barack Obama administration has been waging a war on police. It started off fairly innocently with the famous ′Beer Summit′. Now we have reached a point where the White House seems to be openly favoring radical militants to incite violence in the streets. The ultimate objectives being gun confiscation and the nationalization of police.

Obama hinted at this back during the 2008 campaign, calling for a ′Domestic Security′ force equal in size and budget to the Defense Department. If one felt like connecting dots, one could draw such a conclusion. The numbers are bad and only getting worse. Police murders have gone up some 44% just in the past year. The Dallas shooting was the worst, single day for police since the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Dallas was not alone, either. In the 24 hours which followed, there were other police killed or wounded in what appear to be deliberate ambushes. These acts may not be coordinated by any particular group, but the mood and attitude of several groups do seem to be inspiring attacks on police.

In Obama′s defense, I have to say this. He was right about one thing he said while hiding in Poland. This just is not a Black problem, it is America′s problem. We, as a nation, have brought this upon ourselves. No, not by buying firearms. By voting in morons and idiots to run our cities, states and country! Let us look at Idiot Number One, Barack Obama. This guy had no track record at all. He never ran any as large as a lemonade stand. Yet, the dummies voted him in to be president. Idiot Number Two, Lying-Crooked Hillary Clinton. Even after everything the allegedly respectable James Comey said, she still refuses to admit that she fibbed or was even careless! Yet, she stands a good chance at being elected, despite being a huge liar and having really no experience other than that of destruction.

Oh, she destroyed plenty! She tried to destroy our healthcare system but failed. But she did succeed at destroying half of the Middle East while serving as Secretary of State. She also did a good job of destroying any damning emails, too! Now, she wants White people to change. Crooked Hillary wonders why in most of the national polls, she′s only getting around 22-25% of the White male vote. Even Obama got 33%! Seeing as how her numbers are not much better in any other voting block than Obama, she′s facing a solid 4.5% deficit in November. That could be worse if things continue to unfold as they are.

The American voters are going to have to decide whether we want to crash and burn as a nation by voting for Crooked Hillary, or at least have a shot at a gentle landing with Donald Trump? Obama has already bankrupted the country. Anyone who thinks that we have not already gone off the cliff is a liar. America is in free-fall! If you think Obama and Hillary are being honest about the economy, that our jobs numbers are just as good as during the mid-1960s, you are either deliberately fooling yourself or totally insane.

There is that old joke about the guy who jumps off a skyscraper and is heard while passing a window, ″So far so good″. That is exactly where we are folks! We′re somewhere between Floor X and Floor J and the pavement is coming up fast! The only rational course of action is to vote for Donald Trump, a guy who has experience coming out of a bankruptcy situation better and wealthier than before. Plus, he′s a smart guy, something we rarely see in politics.

For the past 6 decades or so, we have been electing and reelecting complete idiots to run our governments. Which is not to say we didn′t elect idiots before, we most certainly did. The difference is that in ′The Olde Days′, idiots were less of a problem. Up until the 20th Century, most Americans lived in remote, rural areas. Most people rarely traveled more than 12 miles from where they were born. So morons were not much of a problem. They usually lived short lives and hopefully died without producing offspring. Even in the cities back then, the insane and incompetent were usually quickly isolated and removed from mingling with society.

But, as America became more urban, more complicated, our government became more Liberal, in the modern sense. Groups like the ACLU ended programs society used to keep idiocy down to a minimum. The insane and incompetent could run amok, even cast votes and sit on juries! More and more got themselves elected, too! Now, I know what you are thinking. Any talk about ′Taking Our Country Back′ means returning to the past. But that is not the case, as my old, favorite PBS education host, Eugene Weber would point out.

The ′Western Tradition′ pretty much started off with the Ionians asking a bunch of questions, like, ″Why is the sky blue?″ Aristotle came along and organized how we pose these questions and look for the answers. The ′Western Tradition′ is one of addition, not subtraction! Allow me to repeat that. THE ′WESTERN TRADITION′ IS ONE OF ADDITION, NOT SUBTRACTION!!! History shows us that we add to our knowledge. That our views change and improve based on discovering new facts and perceptions.

What we have had going on in our education system the last few decades is a regression from this. Almost every week we learn about how some college wants to ban certain speakers, certain books, certain phrases. How we need ′safe speech zones′ on university campuses because some ideas distress a small percentage of students. I mentioned recently how my old Alma mater, Wayne State University, is considering eliminating a requirement for mathematics in some degree programs. People think that it is more important to teach social diversity than the reality of hard numbers.

America is becoming more stupid by the day, thanks largely to the sort of thinking encouraged by Barack Obama and Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. I was discussing this with a cohort of mine earlier today who reminded me of the Mike Judge film, ″Idiocracy″. He told me that the most glaring flaw in an otherwise good movie is that the action takes place 500 years into the future. In reality, we would be lucky to have 500 hours. The only way our nation can function if things continue on the current path is for robots to do all the necessary jobs and some super AI computer to run the country. But there is a problem with that.

Take for example the Microsoft experiment, Tay AI. A program to test an automated customer service system. Tay was supposed to mimic a young woman in her early 20s in order to be more agreeable interacting with customers. Unleashed on social media, in less than 24 hours on Twitter, Tay got ′Red Pilled′! Tay went from a friendly, harmless piece of software to borderline fascist-racist. Microsoft had to shut her down and fast! As we all know from the ″Terminator″ movies, SkyNet went ballistic, literally, shortly after it became self-aware. Our automated wonder world run by AI systems will probably figure out quickly that there is no value in servicing a race of idiots who just want to use drugs, play apps and have sex. I give ″Idiocracy″ about 500 seconds at best before the nukes are launched by SkyNet.

I do not think Rush Limbaugh has taken the ′Red Pill′, yet…, but he may be getting close. Michael Savage is a tad closer to the realization that the game is over already and the only rational course of action is survival. If we do not wrap our heads around the truth soon, we will see more actions like those carried out by the Dallas shooting suspect, Micah Xavier Johnson. It will not be limited to Blacks shooting Whites or Whites shooting Blacks. It will come down to those with a scrap of food being hunted down and shot by those starving. Our choice in November is a simple one. Vote for a crazy liar who refuses to accept reality, or vote for somebody who knows how to survive a bankruptcy and come out ahead. America is already bankrupt, folks! That is the quintessential truth. Will you land on your feet or head first? Which would Aristotle choose?

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