Five police officers are dead and at least seven others were wounded in last night′s Dallas shooting. An ambush took place in downtown Dallas, Texas just before 9pm Central Time during a protest march over police shootings in Baton Rouge and St. Paul earlier this week. About a thousand protesters were marching peacefully when gunfire erupted. At least one sniper deliberately targeted uniformed police officers. Four of the cops killed were from the Dallas police force, the fifth was a member of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit, or DART. The DART officer was the first to ever be killed in the line of duty. The shooting suspect was killed by a police bomb-disposal robot after a gun battle with police that lasted some 45 minutes. Two men and a woman were taken into custody and are being questioned as they may have been involved.

There is a lot of information floating out there since the incident began, but some of it may be pure speculation. Social media was already being fully utilized by those marching in the protest, and even the Dallas police were ′tweeting′ during the march. The well-publicized protest was started by BlackLivesMatter following two recent police shootings of Black men. The march was fairly peaceful with only a few incidents taking place up until the shooting began. Reports say that there was one gunshot first, which caused the crowd to disperse. Moments later, a volley of gunfire, possibly from several weapons at multiple locations, began targeting uniformed police officers.

A woman was taken into custody on street level near the center of the action. Two men were stopped and apprehended after fleeing the scene in a motor vehicle. But most of the gunfire, some say 50-60 shots, seem to come from one shooter. All we know about him is that he was a male, armed with a semi-automatic rifle and may have been wearing some sort of tactical gear if not a Kevlar vest. This man was seen shooting one officer at close range, then firing additional shots at the wounded officer after he was down. The shooter stopped shooting from time to time telling police that ″The End is near″ and that there were bombs deployed around the area. A sweep by police found no explosive devices so far.

We have seen other incidents of police being ambushed after other shooting events. As of the time I am writing this, the latest news is that the shooter was working alone and wanted to kill White police officers. The name and ethnicity of the shooter has not yet been released. He apparently did tell police at some point that he was not affiliated with any group or organization. A ′Lone Wolf′, as they say. His motivation was the recent police shootings of two Black men, one in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and another in St. Paul, Minnesota. Barack Obama spoke on the Dallas shooting while in Warsaw, Poland at a NATO conference. Naturally, he blamed the Second Amendment. I do wonder if this is the first time a suspect was killed by a police bomb-disposal robot, which usually are equipped with a 12-guage shotgun?

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