FBI Director James Comey faced hours of questions by Congress yesterday concerning the decision not to recommend a criminal indictment for Hillary Rodham Clinton. On Tuesday, Comey announced the decision saying that while there was evidence that Crooked Hillary and her aides were ″extremely careless″ when it came to handling classified material, the matter fell short for a ″reasonable prosecutor″ to take the case to trial. The next day, Attorney General Loretta Lynch issued a brief statement that the Department of Justice would accept the FBI′s conclusion. While Democrats praised Comey and politicized the hearing, Republicans actually asked good questions for once and held Comey′s feet to the fire. We even learned two very interesting things…

First new item learned was that Comey apparently did not review the ′interview′ conducted by the FBI with Lying-Crooked Hillary last Saturday. As the late, great Eddy Wally would say, ″WOW!″ How could that not be part of the decision making process? Here′s another ″WOW!″ item for you. We also learned that the FBI did not review Lying-Crooked Hillary′s testimony to Congress, which was given while she was under oath. I gotta say it myself, WOW!!!

Apparently, the FBI can only review Congressional testimony if they receive a specific referral from Congress to do so. Guess what? The FBI is going to get one and quick! All in all, Comey did do a good job of tap dancing yesterday. GOP members of the House Committee tried over and over again to get Comey to say that Crooked Hillary had lied, so such answer could be used in election campaign ads. Several ads have already been made showing Hillary lying and then Comey rebutting her lies. So the game may not yet be over as far as Hillary Clinton facing criminal charges.

Comey also deflected any questions concerning any possible FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation. He even refused to acknowledge that there might be one. Hmm? If ′The Fix′ is in then it seems logical to assume that it would be for both Bill and Hillary, since they are a package deal. Especially concerning whether or not donors to the charity org received favors from the State Department while Crooked Hillary was Secretary of State? That there were any coordinated actions between Bill and Hillary Clinton?

I did not watch all of the testimony yesterday. After the first few Democrats spoke, I usually switched channels when they came on to watch something more intellectual, like ″Gilligan′s Island″ or ″The Ropers″. The bottom line from yesterday′s appearance by FBI Director James Comey before Congress is that this probe into the Hillary Clinton email scandal is far from over. Comey promised to try to provide the House Committee with transcripts of the interview and other documents from the FBI investigation, but it may take a while. The other ′bottom line′ is that the only justice that we may have left is that of the ballot box. There is no statute of limitations on this sort of thing. If Donald Trump wins in November, Bill and Hillary Clinton better bug out to some non-extradition country really quick!

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