′The Fix′ was in all along it seems! FBI Director James Comey has just announced that no recommendation will be made for bringing criminal charges against Lying-Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton, nor any of her staff. Even though thousands of documents were destroyed, thousands of classified material mishandled, including 22 Top Secret documents which threaten national security, the head of the FBI says ″no charges are appropriate″. The fact that this comes just one week after Bill Clinton tried to have a secret meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac of the Phoenix, Arizona airport is no surprise. Obviously, the ′interview′ held Saturday with Crooked Hillary at FBI headquarters was just a ruse.

That the FBI came to this conclusion only three days after the ′interview′ shows that this has all been one big waste of time. I find it very difficult to believe that a thorough review of her testimony and comparison with other information could have been done in 72 hours. The Clintons exist on a different level than we regular citizens. The Clintons can break any laws they wish without fear of consequences. You may as well figure that nothing will come of the probe into the Clinton Foundation, too!

This is a dark day for America, folks. Perhaps one of the darkest. Dare I say it? BlackLivesMatter is correct! There is NO JUSTICE! Some people can get away with murder. Crooked Hillary Clinton and her minions are getting away with gross negligence and more. There is a story today on how Huma Abedin, Hillary′s long-tijme gal-pal and assistant chief of staff, was burning copies of Hillary′s daily schedule, destroying any record of whom the Secretary of State was meeting with. Talk about Watergate or Iran-Contra with tapes being erased and documents being shredded!

So yes, ′The Fix′ was in from the very beginning it seems. There is no justice in America. If you are part of the elite, privileged class, as Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton are, then you can get away with anything. Worse yet, she has pretty much a 50-50 shot at being elected president. Another 4 years of criminal government is what we have to look forward to. Fly your flags upside-down. The ship of state is in distress!

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