Happy Fourth of July, 2016! What better way to celebrate the 240th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence that reviewing a new book about a new Constitution? ′The Valentine Constitution′ by James Valentine, which, I believe is self-published. Long time readers of mine will know that I have been calling for a new constitution for over 25 years, even writing one, myself, back in the mid-1990s. So I was excited to learn about Valentine′s effort. That is, until I started to really learn about it! James Valentine claims that his is the ″first and only new American Constitution written in over 200 years.″ Let′s see about that!

I have not done a book review in a while, mainly because none of the books I have received from publishers have been very good. Take ″Our Republican Constitution″ by Randy E. Barnett, for example. An eminent professor of law at Georgetown University, he goes through the motions with the usual ′rah-rah′ nonsense about a political system which has obviously failed. George Will, King of the Cuckservatives, wrote the forward for the book. On the back page, we have praise from four more ′Cucks′. Mark ′The Great One′ Levin, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), Bill Kristol (Crown Prince of Cucks), and Jack Balkin of Yale Law School. Good Heaven′s, a Yale Man! So that book was guaranteed to be a snoozer of a loser.

So what about ′The Valentine Constitution′? Well, it starts off telling either an outright lie or a major lack of research. About 5 seconds on Google will tell you that there have been plenty of American constitutions written in the past 200 years. Every conspiracy theorist whose ever heard of the New World Order knows about ′ A Constitution For The New States Of America′ published by the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions back in 1970. Harper & Row later republished it in 1974 with the title ′The Emerging Constitution′ by Rexford G. Tugwell, who was part of the original project which began in 1964. This is the one where the ′New States of America′ is divided into 10 political regions, based on the Federal Reserve Bank. I still have a box of TRIX cereal from the early 1990s with a color-coded map on the back showing this ′New America′.

Want more? We have the 1992 book by historian Steven R. Boyd entitled ′Alternative Constitutions for the United States: A Documentary History′, published by Greenwood Press. Boyd details about a dozen of the more famous constitutions written, such as those by William B. Wedgwood in 1861, Victoria Claflin Woodhull in 1872, James C. West in 1890, Frederick Upham Adams in 1893, Henry O. Morris in 1898,Eustace Reynolds in 1915, Hugh L. Hamilton in 1938, Thomas Carlyle Upham in 1941, and Leland D. Baldwin in 1972. Boyd even covered the Tugwell one, too!

Still want more? In 2014, we have the book by John R. Vile, another real historian, entitled…, wait for it…, ′170 Eccentric, Visionary, and Patriotic Proposals to Rewrite the U.S. Constitution′, published by ABC-CLIO. Vile does not go into great detail about these 170 ′notable′ alternative constitutions. I have to wonder if he came across mine as being ′notable′? So maybe there are 171, or even 172? Let us not forget an extremely interesting version by an acquaintance of mine, Larry K. Mason. Now, Mason is the father of the No-POM movement, to abolish ′physical object money′. Like me, who also developed an economic system, ′Life-Based Economics′, where our currency is created due to birth and legal immigration, Mason also introduces us to a whole new economic system. He replaces two-party Capitalism with a 3-party version. Instead of just a buyer and seller involved in each transaction, Mason includes a third person whom sets the price and authorizes the payment. I won′t go into deeply here and now, but it is worth a look and not as kooky as it may seem.

Getting back to Valentine′s new constitution, its a mix of kooky and confusion. He admits that he was a Republican for many years and then switched to being a Democrat in 2015. In fact, he ran for president and campaigned in Iowa, but got nowhere. Must be that ′rigged system′! Valentine starts his new constitution with what he see as our Number One problem, campaign finance! Article One is all about funding and holding elections. He does away with PACs and such and limits spending to a nickel a head per population of the office. So, if you have a presidential, national campaign with some 300 million people, a candidate can only raise and spend $15 Million. Donald Trump would love that!

Valentine claims that his constitution maintains about 90% of our current rights as citizens. I am VERY skeptical about that! For example, he calls for a national data-base for everyone′s financial, education and health records. ′Smart′ algorithms will monitor us and determine when somebody needs job retraining or to go on a diet. He also does away with individual state constitutions with all states adopting his. That may streamline things but I doubt if many states will go along with it. On single-issues, his constitution is a mixed bag. For example, Roe v Wade remains intact but so too does our right to keep and bear arms. Valentine explains that an ′armed citizenry′ is needed to prevent Wall Street from taking over the country.

I am always amused by the Liberal hysteria about Wall Street. True, they suck and try to run our lives. But what is very funny is how Liberals are all ′a-gaa-gaa′ over the Broadway play ′Hamilton′, just because it is history set to rap music. They forget, or simply never learned, that it was Alexander Hamilton who sold America out to Wall Street and the banksters! They jump for joy over removing Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill, even though he actually did confront and defeated the banksters, even eliminated our National Debt. The only president to ever do so! We should have Aaron Burr on the $10 bill for shooting that bastard Hamilton!

So there it is. James Valentine claims that his work, ′The Valentine Constitution′, is the first and only proposal for a new American constitution. He claims that it maintains about 90% of our current constitution. Valentine is wrong on both counts. There is nothing unique about this book. It could have been written by some psuedo-think tank, like Purple State or No Labels, whom claim to represent both Liberals and Conservatives. But, in reality, they only serve to promote more of the same, worn-out Progressive nonsense we have been hearing about since the rise of the Temperance Movement.

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