The FBI held its long-awaited interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton yesterday. Some 8 investigators questioned her for about 3.5 hours in what she described as a ″voluntary″ meeting. Now, the FBI probe will compare her statements under oath with those of others questioned. So is this the end of the FBI criminal probe into Lying-Crooked Hillary Clinton and the use of a private email server for mishandling classified material?

Probably not! I′m sure that this probe will go on for a tad longer. There is a mountain of facts which need to be sorted out. For example, a story today by the Washington Post reports that Crooked Hillary sent at least 104 emails containing classified material, even though she claims she did not send any. Minor details like this is why this investigation has taken so long. Crooked Hillary claims that she has been open and forthcoming but this, of course, is a lie!

That is one of the potential problems she faces now. Did she lie to the FBI? If she did, then Crooked Hillary is in B-I-G trouble! I suspect that she did since pretty much everything she says is a lie of some sort. I cannot think of one time she told the truth about anything. The report by the Inspector General of the State Department is full of her lies. How she lied about getting approval for using a private email server. How she lied about not knowing some of the emails sent to her by her staff contained classified material. The list goes on and on.

About the only argument she has as a defense is that we all know that she is a habitual liar and should never have been entrusted with a job involving national security in the first place. That the fault actually falls upon Barack Obama for appointing her and the US Senate for approving her appointment. They should have known better! Putting her in a position near classified material was a huge mistake from the start. It was obvious that she would misuse her position to enrich herself and make decisions which would put the lives of Americans in danger.

So let us run down the possible outcomes of all of this. In a just, rational universe, Hillary Rodham Clinton would be indicted and eventually convicted of dozens, if not thousands, of violations of federal laws and spend the rest of her life behind bars. But the universe is neither just nor rational inside The Beltway. Corruption runs amok and so the odds are that she will escape being indicted. Even if the FBI recommends it, Loretta Lynch has already back-peddled on her stance of accepting whatever recommendation the FBI makes. Instead, Lynch explained Friday afternoon that she only ″fully expects″ to accept. I ″fully expect″ some Justice Department underling to review the FBI′s recommendation and recommend that it not be accepted.

Mind you, somebody is going to get burned. A sacrificial lamb is required. Laws were most definitely broken. National secrets were mishandled and removed illegally from secure facilities. Crooked Hillary, herself, did not do the actual removal, even though she most likely instructed her staffers to do so. As they said in ″The Godfather″, there were ″a lot of buffers″. People in between the Queen Bee and the worker bees. Her top aides, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin could find themselves in hot water, but the guy to watch is Jake Sullivan. Namely because there is an actual email thread between Clinton and him about transmitting classified material using her private email account.

Sullivan would make the ideal ′Fall Guy′. First, because there is an actual piece of evidence showing that he willfully transmitted classified material over a non-secure system. Second, because there is actual evidence that shows he mishandled said classified material, reformatting it and removing any markings about it being classified. If this email was among the 22 Top Secret ones found on the Clinton private email server, then either Sullivan himself removed the material from a secure system or had somebody else do it. Whoever did enter the security data facility, basically a room built inside a Faraday Cage, could only ′finger′ Sullivan, or whomever Sullivan ordered to order the removal.

Even in this hypothetical case, Sullivan might get off fairly easy with 6 months to a year if actually tried and convicted. Unless the FBI has a lot more info than what has been reported in public, which I′m guessing they may have, the full story of how at least 22 Top Secret documents were removed from a secure data facility may remain a mystery forever. I am quite confident the Hillary Rodham Clinton did not tell the FBI during her interview yesterday who did it nor even whom may have ordered it done. If I were running things, Crooked Hillary would have been interviewed after a cocktail of sodium pentothal and scopolamine. Even then, she is such a liar that the truth may never be told, but, at least we′d have a chance at getting it. Hard to say if even water-boarding would work on a fibber like her!

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