The New York Times is reporting this morning that Attorney General Loretta Lynch will approve whatever recommendation the FBI gives concerning the email scandal case of Lying, Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. This comes after a firestorm of criticism following the news that on Tuesday, Lynch had a secret meeting with Bill Clinton on board her jet on an Arizona tarmac. The latest version of the encounter was that Clinton delayed his departure and requested to board the government aircraft carrying Lynch, which had just arrived. The two met for some 30 minutes in private and Lynch claims they only talked about golf and grandchildren. Hardly a reason for a face-to-face, private meeting.

Naturally, Republicans on Capitol Hill responded to this meeting calling for Lynch to recuse herself from the Clinton email case and appoint a special prosecutor at once. Even some Democratic members of Congress openly expressed their dissatisfaction by Lynch′s decision to meet with Bill Clinton. Not only was it a sign of poor judgment on Lynch′s part as Bill is Crooked Hillary′s husband, but Bill, himself, may wind up being a ′person of interest′, certainly a material witness, if there is to be a grand jury. The meeting demonstrates the incestuous relationships within America′s political elite and the privileges not granted to ordinary citizens.

During the daily White House press briefing, Josh Earnest was peppered with questions about the meeting. Even a one-eyed dog could figure out that he, and the Barack Obama administration, had been caught off guard by the incident. The optics of the secret meeting are just that bad! It would be the equivalent of a federal prosecutor having lunch with a Mafia don. Or being invited to attend a Mafia wedding.

Loretta Lynch has absolutely no choice but to recuse herself from any decision concerning the Clinton email scandal case. As well as any investigation into the Clinton Foundation. She completely blew any objectivity she may have had. Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, we still do not know what the Federal Bureau of Investigations will recommend. Many believe that FBI Director James Comey is a fair person and can be counted on to act objectively without any political considerations. He, himself, has said as much several times in recent months. Comey has also stated that he understands the political implications of any decision.

This then raises the question of when will the FBI decide? Many experts believe that there are already sufficient grounds to make an indictment. The immediate choices are whether to act before or after the upcoming DNC convention at the end of July? Naturally, to recommend an indictment before the convention would throw the DNC into total chaos with Bernie Sanders doing his best to secure the presidential nomination. A floor fight to nomination somebody else, like Joe Biden would ensue. To indict after the convention might suit the Biden camp better. But to wait too long, say until after the November elections, would create a Constitutional crisis unseen ever before! It would be worse than even Watergate if Lying-Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton were to win the presidency.

Of course, if ′The Fix′ is in, then the FBI could recommend no indictment of Clinton and instead go after one or more of her staff from her days as Secretary of State. In a sane, just, rational universe, this would be very unlikely. There is little doubt that Crooked Hillary played a major role in her email scandal. She was most definitely in charge, making key decisions on the whole matter. Still, this is Washington politics and the slime factor is long and wide.

So, do you believe that Loretta Lynch really is going to distance herself from any decision concerning an FBI recommendation about Crooked Hillary Clinton? Or is the New York Times story a ruse in itself to provide cover for Clinton and the Barack Obama administration? The secret meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton is just too obvious to sweep under a rug. Calls for her to step down as Attorney General are justified. Given the climate in Washington, Obama would never get another appointee approved before his term in office expires. Even if Obama picked Moses to be AG, the GOP Senators would deny the request.

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