Might be time to change the lyrics of the old ′torch′ song, ″The Heat Is On″ to ″The Fix Is In″! We learned yesterday that Bill Clinton had a private chit-chat with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on an airport tarmac in Arizona. During a press conference, Lynch described the meeting as casual, where she was arriving and Bill was departing. She claimed that Clinton approached her and that they only talked about golf and grandchildren. But the question of how appropriate such a meeting was justified for it turns out that Lynch lied to reporters. The meeting actually took place on board a private jet Bill Clinton was using. It hardly seems realistic that he just bumped into her at a terminal. So why does this story matter? Lynch denied that they discussed the investigation into the Clinton email scandal, which simply does not possible.

Not only is Lynch technically in charge of the Department of Justice, which oversees the FBI, but the DoJ will ultimately decide on whether or not to follow through on any potential recommendation by the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Such as indicting Lying-Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton for multiple charges of negligence, destruction of public records and the mishandling of classified material. Bill Clinton, himself, may also be facing potential charges surrounding some of the donations and other activities of his charity organization, usually referred to as the Clinton Foundation.

Despite the spin from the Camp Clinton, the probe is most definitely a ″criminal investigation″, as stated several times by officials in the FBI and now, even the State Department. Now, we have always suspected that the Barack Obama administration, including his appointee as Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, would do whatever it could to shield Crooked Hillary from prosecution. More over, they would also do anything to prevent her from being forced out of the presidential campaign.

Rumors have been floating around inside The Beltway that the FBI has determined that there is sufficient evidence to indict the Clintons since the month of May. That still would have given Bernie Sanders a shot at wrestling the Democratic nomination away from Crooked Hillary. Several ′smoking guns′ have been known about since February, including an email from Crooked Hillary to one of her key staffers instructing him, in detail, how to get around federal restrictions concerning the transmission of classified material. Had Clinton been just some GS-10 or lower ranked federal employee, she would have been led away in handcuffs back then, still giving time for somebody like Joe Biden to enter the presidential race.

There are rumors that the FBI will make its formal recommendation sometime in July, but there are also rumors that the decision will be put off until after the November election. This casts a huge shadow on the shadowy meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on board a private jet sitting on an Arizona tarmac. About as far outside The Beltway as one can get. It seems rather obvious that the meeting was not just by some chance. It reminds me of how in the movie ″Goodfellows″, where the Mafia dons met in the back of some meat market in Kansas City to discuss their enterprises in Las Vegas. Maybe the next meeting between Lynch and Clinton will be held on a tarmac in Thule, Greenland to avoid any scrutiny.

So it seems rather obvious that ′The Fix′ is in! Lying-Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton will get to continue her campaign for winning the White House. Attorney General Loretta Lynch denies discussing the criminal, email investigation with Bill Clinton during an alleged chance meeting in Arizona. But we already know that her version of the meeting which she gave during a press conference yesterday was inaccurate. She claimed that Bill Clinton approached her, but, in fact, she met with him on board his private jet. Lynch just didn′t accidentally board a private jet on a tarmac because she thought it was a restroom or a gift shop or some sort of lounge. It is rather obvious that the meeting was not by chance nor accidental at all.

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