The Media has made much sport of attacking Donald Trump who seems to be losing ground the last few weeks in the polls. Well, not ALL of the polls. In fact, only 2 have shown Clinton with a wide lead while most show the presidential race nearly even within the margin of error. Also in fact that aside from national polls, those taken in specific battleground states, like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Colorado, show the race even tighter. Now, another nationwide poll released today by Quinnipac shows that the national race is extremely tight, as well. Within the margin of error, its ′too close to call′. Clinton leads Trump 42-40. As we dig into the numbers, the picture gets worse for Lying-Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Quinnipac University poll was taken between June 21 through 27 with some 1,610 registered voters, and has a margin of error of just 2.4%. Trump leads Clinton among Independents by a narrow margin of 36 to 34. Clinton enjoys a 50-33 lead with women while Trump leads with men 47-34. But, amongst White women in particular, the numbers are very close, with Clinton only up 42-39 over Trump. Among White men, Trump blows away Clinton with 56% to just 25%. Trump also is not as far behind in other polls with Hispanics as Clinton has a 50-33 lead. But here is where things get very messy for Lying-Crooked Hillary. Among voters 50 or older, the most reliable voting block age-wise, Trump has a wide lead of some 6 to 16 points. Clinton does better with younger voters, however, historically, they are less likely to actually vote in an election.

The Quinnipac poll also explores the potential effect of third party candidates, such as Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party Jill Stein. Johnson only seems to grab 5 points from Trump while taking 3 from Clinton. Stein takes 2 points away from Clinton but none from Trump. In such a 4-way race, Clinton still only leads Trump by 2 points, 39% to 37%. So the take away from the new, nationwide Quinnipac University poll is that the race is wide open with Donald Trump virtually tied with Lying-Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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