Istanbul, Turkey was the scene of the latest suicide bombing, leaving 41 dead and over 230 wounded in the Ataturk Airport attack. Shortly before 10pm, local time, three gunmen armed with Kalashinikov fully-automatic rifles and wearing bomb vests assaulted the departure area at Turkey′s major international airport. The 11th busiest in the world. Despite heavy security, the terrorists managed to fight their way past the outer perimeter. A gun battle ensued, with at least one of the terrorists brought down before entering the terminal. But he, and two others who made it inside the building, detonated their bombs, causing massive casualties. The Islamic State is suspected to be behind the attack.

Turkey, a major NATO ally and under consideration for admittance into the European Union, had just reversed its policy towards Israel and has reestablished diplomatic ties with the Jewish state. Whether this was the driving motivation behind yesterday′s carnage is unclear. Just in the past month, over 200 people have been killed in terrorist attacks in Turkey. The country shares a border with Syria and Iraq and has served as an important transportation link between ISIS, or ISIL, with the rest of the world. It is widely reported that much of the oil sold on the black market by ISIS goes through Turkey.

Reaction has been typical. Celebrities like Katy Perry and Madonna think that guns should be banned. HELLOOOOO? Most of the dead and wounded were from suicide bomb vests, which I′m sure are already quite illegal in most countries. Secretary of Stupidity, John Kerry, claims that this is another sign that ′Daesh′, another named for ISIS by folks who won′t say ISIS, has been decimated. Lying-Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton said that this attack should ″strengthen our resolve″. Whatever that means her her book? Only Donald Trump said anything of value, that we must ″Fight fire with fire!″ Now we′re talking!

The latest news as of the writing of this article is that 41 are confirmed dead and another 239 people were wounded in the Ataturk Airport attack in Istanbul, Turkey last night. At least three terrorists armed with ′real′ assault rifles and bomb vests attacked the international airport′s departure terminal. The Islamic State is believed to be behind the terrorist attack and that it may have to do with Turkey reinstating diplomatic ties with Israel.

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