After yesterday′s release of the House Democrat Benghazi report, exonerating Lying-Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton of any misdoing as Secretary of State, its now the Republicans turn. The House GOP Benghazi report is a scathing rebuke of the Barack Obama administration and of the State Department under Clinton. Critics who claim that this latest investigation discovered nothing new are just sadly mistaken. Some 80 people were questioned and many testified who previously were not heard from. One of the many revelations to come out involve the stupid You-Tube video which the Obama White House and flunkies blamed the attack in Benghazi on. Facts show that during an emergency meeting in the White House at 7:30pm EDT on September 11, 2012, a committee of deputy department appointees discussed 10 issues, 5 of which involved the video. This, while Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was missing, taken away from the consulate after it had been overrun.

UPDATE: Barack Obama was absent from Benghazi meeting during the attack! The report contained transcripts of interviews with White House staff and Obama was not personally engaged at all during the crisis.

The video had nothing to do with the attack in Benghazi! But its use as an excuse to cover the butts of Obama and other officials appeared to be more important than discussing how to find our missing ambassador. We also learned during this latest investigation that there HUNDREDS of requests by our diplomatic staff in Libya for additional security! HUNDREDS!!! Not just a handful from one bureaucratic schlep to another. After a series of terrorist attacks on other diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, including the Red Cross headquarters, everyone knew that the place had become extremely dangerous. One of the walls of the facility where Ambassador Stevens was residing at had been damaged and breached by an earlier bombing.

If there had just been a couple of requests for increased security, then it might be understandable that Secretary Clinton may not have known about the situation. But there were hundreds over a course of nearly a year. Practically one a day, if not more! Are the career staffers at the State Department that slow and ignorant not to pay it any attention, or mention it in a briefing to Lying, Crooked Hillary? Or was her cadre of appointees and close associates deliberately hiding this information to give her an excuse? Was Benghazi, along with her other dubious activities in doing favors for Clinton Foundation donors the real reason why she had her emails deleted?

The House GOP Benghazi report makes it quite clear that there are plenty to blame for the terrorist attack and our lack of response. Four Americans died and yet, nobody has truly been held accountable. Ben Rhodes was the guy behind making the video the reason for the attack. Not only is he still working in the White House, he was promoted by Obama! So, too, was Susan Rice, who helped spread the video story. Barack Obama was too busy preparing for a fund raiser for his reelection campaign than to take the Benghazi attack seriously. And then there is Lying, Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. Not only did she hang her alleged friend, Christopher Stevens, out to dry, sending him into a dangerous place without adequate security, she, too, lied about what had happened. Even directly into the faces of not only the American public, but to the families of those who died in Benghazi.

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