Angela Merkel and several other European Union leaders have decided to respond to the recent UK Brexit vote by tightening their grips. A new plan to unify the EU further into one superstate is being considered. The plan calls for giving Brussels expanded powers while eliminating institutions of individual member nations. All armies are to be disbanded, all nations will do away with their current criminal codes in exchange for one EU law system and nations will also shutdown their own central banks. Much of this plan depends on joining France and Germany, however, the French are already thinking about a Frexit referendum. A recent poll shows some 52% of French voters supporting Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front Party, call to leave the EU.

Conspiracy theorists have been warning about this for as long as I′ve been alive, nearly 57 years now, Some have spun the EU as a Fourth Reich, conceived of by members of the ODESSA, the former SS and Nazi Party leaders who managed to escape death and prosecution after WW2. Others take a religious view, painting the EU as ′The Beast′ foretold in the Book of Revelations. Then there is the whole ′Imperium′ thing, with the EU being the second Roman Empire. Many tie that aspect with that of ′The Beast′. Since the 1950s, when the first serious talks began about forming a European superstate, many have warned about it becoming a new force for global tyranny, not about maintaining peace and security on the continent.

Almost like a ′Clockwork Orange′, we get a rather peculiar news story about somebody photographing police-type tactical vehicles being transported down a highway in Virginia, USA. What is odd about these vehicles, as seen in pictures published by the UK Daily Mail, is that they are painted white with United Nations markings. What is the connection between this and the EU-Brexit vote? Perhaps those in The Establishment are worried and are gearing up to deal with the current wave against globalism. There is no doubt that both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have done well in their political campaigns speaking out against the globalists. So-called ′free trade′ and wide, open borders have not been good for nations like the United States, nor the United Kingdom.

The long-term trend in human history has been in the direction of freedom. Individual liberty in particular. National sovereignty has benefited from this trend as well. Empire building is an ancient malady. There always seems to be somebody who wants to take over the world, or at least, a nice-sized chunk of it. Even those who get their big start fighting tyranny usually wind up becoming tyrants themselves. This is why Napoleon said, ″They wanted me to be another George Washington.″ Washington was one of the rare exceptions to the rule, where he stepped down after serving his terms in office. Plenty of people wanted him to become a king, but that was not in the cards as Washington knew better.

When discussions began for creating the European Union, there were many who warned about it getting too big, too powerful. The news reports of the past couple of days following the UK Brexit vote indicate that this new chatter about making the EU a true superstate, with one army, one set of laws and one central bank reinforce those old warnings. That the globalists are ′going public′ now with their long-held, secret intentions is chilling. Those who say the Brexit vote was merely based on anti-immigration sentiments of racists and bigots are simply dead wrong. Margaret Thatcher, who was an early supporter of the EU for trade reasons, eventually reversed her stance after actually reading the Treaty of Lisbon. She could see the direction the EU was heading towards and now, so will everybody else who is paying attention.

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