The New York Times is reporting that the Barack Obama administration may have goofed again, costly American blood! Seems that a CIA program to arm ′moderate′ Syrian rebels training in Jordan was robbed, allegedly by the Jordanian intelligence service. That fully automatic rifles, machine guns, mortars and rocket-propelled grenade launchers have gone missing. That allegedly, some of these missing CIA weapons were used in an attack on a police training facility where two American contractors were killed. This sounds very similar to the ′Fast & Furious′ gun program run by the Justice Department and ATF where weapons wound up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Two American border patrol agents were killed by those weapons.

As part of Obama′s plans to arm and equip Syrian rebels, the CIA was sending loads of weaponry to Jordan, from where it would be distributed to training camps in the region. But, according to the New York Times, Jordanian intelligence allegedly seized some of the weapons and allegedly sold them on the black market. This is how the bad guys got the CIA arms and killed three Jordanians and the two Americans in Amman last November. The police training facility had originally been set up by the CIA in 2003 to train Palestinian police. The CIA weaapons were not the only ones allegedly stolen by Jordanian intelligence agents. The NY Times also reports that weapons from Saudi Arabia sent to arm Syrian rebels were also stolen.

The thefts were reported to have been stopped recently in the past couple of months. Jordan′s General Intelligence Directorate, or GID, responded to complaints by the United States and have dealt with the theives. Still, a large number of weapons flowed through the black market and into the hands of criminals as well as terrorists. Those weapons will not be recovered any time soon.

This result is not only similar to the Fast $ Furious program ran by Obama′s Justice Department, but also smells of some conspiracy theories surrounding the 2012 Benghazi attack. Some people believe that the large CIA presence in Benghazi, including the visit by Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was about selling captured Libyan weapons to so-called ′moderate′ Syrian rebels. That Stevens was in Benghazi to discuss transport issues with an official from Turkey, through which the weapons would flow into Syria.

Whatever the case, the Barack Obama administration has some explaining to do. Obviously there was not enough security to prevent the CIA weapons from being stolen by anyone and winding up on the black market. How will Obama apologize to the families of the two Americans killed as a result of this operation? Of this failure? Is this another sign of the incompetence of the Obama White House, as well as the poor judgment of Lying-Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton who supported these policies, and may continue them if elected?

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