See ya later alligator! A global, political earthquake is shaking markets and bureaucrats. The Brexit vote results are IN and the UK is OUT of the EU! A turnout of about 72% of the 46 million British voters have spoken. Great Britain will leave the European Union as Leave won by a 52-48 margin, some 1.27 million votes more than Remain. As the Bretix vote results became clear, the ′Conservative′ Tory Leader, Prime Minister David Cameron, has decided to resign. A new PM will have to begin the process of Britain leaving the EU, sometime by October. The national referendum tossed out 43 years of foreign policy, causing globalists around the world to ponder what might come next? Already, several other EU nations are considering similar votes.

Brexit vote results

The polls were wrong, as were the bookies, the academics and other egghead experts with their algorithms and computer models. As late as yesterday afternoon, polling data showed that the Remain vote would win by at least 2 percentage points. It lost by 4! Even the Labour Party is troubled by the outcome, questioning the future of its current leader, Jeremy Corbyrn. Nigel Farage, head of UKIP, the UK Independent Party, and a major supporter of the Leave campaign, celebrated the victory. As did the former Tory Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who now stands as a likely replacement for Cameron. The new Labour Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, London′s first Muslim mayor, has stated that the vote was based on fear and hate, calling Leave supporters a bunch of racists. See, it doesn′t matter where a Liberal comes from, they all think everything issue about race.

But others in the Labour Party see the Brexit vote as a wake up call. The forgotten worker has had enough of globalism, immigration, austerity, and egghead experts telling them whats best for them. The UK has a trade imbalance with the EU, sending some 70 million British Pounds per day across The Channel into Europe. So-called ′free trade′ has not worked out for them. Wages have been stagnant due to massive immigration. Economic growth has been anemic due to the additional rules and regulations from EU autocrats. Sound familiar? If you think that this shock wave of Populism and Nationalism is confined and isolated to just England, think again!

American politicians had better watch out! Naturally, Donald Trump supported the Leave campaign, saying that Britain would be better off outside the European Union. Globalist shills like Barack Obama and Lying, Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton supported the Remain campaign. Obama even stood with David Cameron and publicly endorsed the ′IN′ vote. Lying, Crooked Hillary, who now has the endorsement of 56 Wall Street business leaders, also has publicly supported those who think that the UK should stay within the EU.

The Remain campaign thought they had succeeded as the latest polls showed them in the lead. Bookies were giving 7-to-1 odds for Leave to win. The financial markets finished strong at the close of yesterday. But, just around midnight UK time, results were coming in. The vote in the region of Newcastle on Tyne was extremely tight, with Remain winning 50.5 to 49.5. This was totally unexpected and the immediate reaction was the British Pound dropping nearly 10% in exchange rates with the US Dollar. Bookies gave new odds of 7-to-4 in favor of Leave. Within two hours, as more results were painting a picture, the bookies put Leave in the lead as the favorite. The world had turned, sending Asian markets into chaos.

So what lesson can we learn from the Brexit vote results? How might this impact the general election in November here in America? Obviously, this is good news for Donald Trump. He has been correct in his take on the pulse of The People. The ′Forgotten Worker′ in America feels just as upset as those in Britain. This wave of Populism and Nationalism, which caused the anti-Establishment vote in the UK might be mirrored here. Particularly in Northeast England, where the Labour Party was very strong, turnout was high and went against Labour. People whom had not voted since the 1980s went to the polls. This region is not unlike that of our Rust Belt, where new polls show Trump in a virtual tie with Lying, Crooked Hillary.

The vote also showed us how many of those who voted Leave in the Brexit vote fibbed to pollsters because they were afraid of being labeled as racists. Which, is exactly what Liberals supporting Remain were saying. The difference between the polls and the actual vote results was a six-point swing in favor of Populism and Nationalism. So do not be fooled by the prophets of The Establishment who claim Lying, Crooked Hillary will easily beat Donald Trump.

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