Yesterday, during a well-delivered, prepared speech, Donald J. Trump called Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton a ″world-class liar″. Trump detailed a long list of incidents showing how Crooked Hillary has lied, abused her office, and engaged in the ′politics of personal profit′. While he spent most of his time attacking her actions as Secretary of State, Trump did recall a few ′oldies′, such as the old Tuzla tarmac story, where Crooked Hillary lied about facing sniper fire on a trip to Bosnia in 1996. In truth, all she faced was a little girl carrying a bouquet of flowers to greet her with.

Donald Trump started his speech strong, remarking how Crooked Hillary′s campaign motto is ″I′m with her″, to which Trump told the American people, ″I′m with you.″ The ′tone′ of the speech was excellent, even TV pundits were impressed. Trump even appealed to Bernie Sanders supporters, telling them that he will end the job-killing trade deals and fight the corruption of our rigged political system. A system which Crooked Hillary has profited from.

The corruption of Bill and Crooked Hillary Clinton is plainly obvious, as Trump focused much of his time on her fat fees for giving speeches to corporations and foreign governments. Some of those governments which paid her huge money as they carry out policies against women and homosexuals in their countries. Trump said of Crooked Hillary that she is very hypocritical as she campaigns now for the female and LGTBQ vote. The Clinton family went from allegedly being broke after leaving the White House to amassing a fortune of over $150 million dollars. That does not include the hundreds of millions donated to the Clinton Foundation ′charity′, which some reports indicate only gives 10% or less to actual people in need of help.

One such incident of how the Clintons coordinate their activities may have been a deal, approved of by the State Department while Crooked Hillary was its head, selling mining rights of a large portion of American uranium deposits to Russian, state-owned companies. The allegations of potential conflict of interests were detailed in the book, ″Clinton Cash″ by Peter Schweizer, which I reviewed here last year. Several others, including a Canadian company, which partnered with the Russian one, all made sizable donations to the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton even gave speeches and personally met with some of the parties.

Trump also addressed the many foreign policy failures of Crooked Hillary during her time as Secretary of State. Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc., all went horribly wrong for America. Barack Obama bares much of the blame for these as well, but Crooked Hillary Clinton was certainly a major accomplice. Donald Trump also gave examples of how her tone, as well as her judgment, is far less than needed by a presidential candidate. Obviously, the subject of the Clinton email scandal also came up. Another glaring example of poor judgment, corruption and lies from Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. Trump′s speech was one of his best yet when using a teleprompter, which, I′m sure will add confidence to many in the GOP.

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