Congress adjourned in chaos as members of the Democratic Party held a House sit in protesting for votes on new gun grabber bills. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stood firm against this revolt which violates House rules. Even after CSPAN had turned off their cameras, the public network continued to carry the activities by the upstarts via social media like Periscope and Facebook. The protest was staged by Democratic Congressmen who are upset over no votes being held on the various gun control measures already voted down in the Senate. This piece of political theater is just another example of Liberals trying to turn the Orlando nightclub shooting, a clear act of radical Islamic terrorism, into something else. An excuse to attack the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

One would think that as members of Congress, all of whom had to swear an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution, these Democrats would not engage in such nonsense. The House sit in by the Democratic Party shows what little regard they have for the Constitution, or for the freedoms and liberties American citizens are entitled to. Even more than a 150 years since the end of the American Civil War, the Democratic Party continues to practice its policy of ′Plantation Politics′. A desire to enslave all Americans and to turn our nation into a land of tyranny.

The truth is, the Democratic Party is not interested in making our streets safer. The gun laws they propose would only create more crime and fear of crime. They even voted against one Republican bill in the Senate which would have added additional safeguards to stopping those on terror watch lists. Mainly because the GOP bill would have made it easier for those who were unjustly placed on such lists to get removed. We have already seen how the Obama administration uses the Justice Department and the IRS to attack law abiding citizens who happen to be Christians, Conservatives, Tea Party members, and other groups who oppose Liberals.

As I have pointed out in other recent articles here, no gun law would have stopped Omar Mateen from executing his act of radical, Islamic terrorism. He simply would have used a different weapon, in some cases, one which would have caused even more bloodshed. There is no way to stop a mad man who is prepared to die for his cause, except by discovering his intentions beforehand. As we are learning from the ongoing investigation, others knew or suspected. One gun shop owner who tipped off the FBI well before the attack was not followed up on. Mateen′s wife certainly knew and now she has skipped town and disappeared after being interviewed by authorities! How did that happen, Loretta Lynch? You′d think that the wide would have been held as a material witness at least, if not charged with being an accomplice.

But the Democratic Party does not believe that radical Islamic terrorism even exists. They think its just people angry over not having jobs, or angry about White Privilege. Democrats think this has more to do with hate caused by Christians or Donald Trump. The House sit in is just plain political theater and nothing more. It has no basis in reality. Just another day in the Liberal fantasy land of political correctness.

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