On the eve of the big Brexit vote in the UK tomorrow, the polls show voters split evenly. On Thursday, voters will decide if Britain will leave the European Union or stay in it? Globalists, like George Soros, are very worried that decades of planning will go down the drain should the UK leave the EU. Some warn that an exit would cause the whole EU to shatter and fall apart. That a global recession, or worse, could result. Supporters of leaving the EU say enough is enough! That the UK has not fared well as part of the EU. Economically, as well as culturally, Britain would be batter off on its own. That Bretix is a vote about national sovereignty.

Speaking of sovereigns, Queen Elizabeth II does not seem to be backing the position of her prime minister, David Cameron. He wants the UK to remain part of the EU. The Queen, who is neutral as she does not have a vote, has requested from her government three reasons why her nation should remain part of the European Union. So far, it does not appear that she has been convinced by their argument.

One thing I have to say is that I think its quaint that the Queen, nor any of the Royals, cannot vote in any elections. Its kind of cool if you think about it. If you are a student of English history, the answer is obvious. There have been many, many civil wars fought in the UK. Somebody is always rebelling about something. The Royals have been reduced from absolute monarchs to advisers to their government. The Age of Despotism has been long gone. Much of the reason why the UK has strict gun control laws is because there have been so many civil wars. Some of these conflicts last for decades, like The War of the Roses. The last really big civil war was what our history calls, ′The English Civil War′, where the Puritan ′Roundhats′ fought it out with ′The Royalists′. Even that struggle lasted for quite awhile until England was so broke and so drained of royal heirs that they invited the Dutch William of Orange to manage their nation.

Of course, most Americans are clueless about any of this. Most of us do not even know our own national history, let alone anything else of value. Here in Detroit, my old haunt, Wayne State University is pondering whether they should drop all math courses from their basic core curriculum and replace math with a class on diversity studies. I forget which Ivy League college it is, Harvard or Yale or Princeton, has a faction of students who want their Literature Department to stop teaching Shakespeare. Along with Milton and other ′dead white men′.

Britain has come a long way since the Romans abandoned it some 1,600 years ago. For a brief time, England ruled half of the world. The Sun never set on it. The legacy of the 20th Century is that of the end of the Age of Empires. There was a time when the Union Jack flag really stood for something. Most importantly, civilization and the rule of laws. The flag of the European Union, on the other hand, has not been around for very long and stands for practically nothing. Civilization has been on a steady decline since the EU flag appeared.

Tomorrow′s Brexit vote in the UK will be very important. Not just for Britain, but for Europe and the rest of the world. If the British people decide to bolt from the European Union, you can kiss the EU goodbye. As it is, the Eu has been hovering on the edge ever since the PIGS – Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, failed economically. Greece is still a huge issue and the others are not far behind. The Refugee Crisis is further draining money and resources from the EU. If England bails out now, they might stand a better chance of surviving the coming storm. If they choose to stay in the EU, then they will be in along with the rest of Europe for a long and bumpy ride.

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