The presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, essentially fired his initial campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski yesterday during a lengthy telephone conversation. Lewandowski had been a controversial figure in what many have seen as a controversial campaign. Paul Manafort will now assume full operational control of the Trump campaign, although, even Corey has stated that Paul has been running things since April. Donald Trump, himself, told Bill O′Reilly on ″The O′Reilly Factor″ that the move was necessary as he shifts to a general election campaign mode.

Some believe that Trump should have merely assigned Lewandowski a new position. But any change would still have been a demotion. Especially with such a small, tight-knit organization, as Trump only has about 73 staffers compared to Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton having nearly 900, full dismissal was the only solution. As long as Corey was still around, there would be conflict.

Some say that the decision was a sign of Trump caving in to Manafort and the GOP Establishment. But the facts are that Trump′s children played a role in convincing their father to dismiss Lewandowski. Don Jr. said as much during an interview with Mark Halperin aired on ″With All Due Respect″. So this is obviously not a sign that Donald Trump is selling out. Besides, Paul Manafort may be managing operations, but the campaign will still be run by the same person who has been running it all along, Donald J. Trump.

The move had to be made. You cannot have two people running a program at the same time. One person has to be accountable. Trump stood by Lewandowski during the earlier crisis after the allegations that Corey physically assaulted a reporter. Loyalty is important to Trump and even now, there is still much. During several interviews yesterday, Lewandowski made it clear that he is still a Trump supporter and was happy for the opportunity he had been given.

As regular readers know, I have been in favor of Donald Trump since he first announced. While I am a ′fan′, perhaps even fanatical, there have been times when I have been frustrated with Trump. You may recall my ′open letter′ to Trump days before the New Hampshire primary where I begged him to quit doing speeches in states which won′t vote for many weeks and to focus on winning the Granite State. Oddly enough, Trump wound up doing just that. He spent most of the last few days in Hew Hampshire and won the state by a healthy margin.

Obviously, the past few weeks have been difficult ones. The Media is now in full anti-Trump mode. Everything Trump says or does is twisted and belittled. For example, last night, O′Reilly asked Trump if he regretted calling Elizabeth Warren ″Pocahontas″. Trump smartly answered, ″Yes″ and explained that it was demeaning to Pocahontas, which it was. Elizabeth Warren is a liar, Pocahontas was not.

So it was not unexpected that Donald Trump would let Corey Lewandowski go. The Trump campaign needs to be restructured for the next two phases, the RNC convention and then the general election. There is no doubt that Paul Manafort will work much better with the RNC than Lewandowski would have. Particularly in coordinating fund raising and ′The Ground Game′. Some Republicans on Capitol Hill will also be pleased, as historically, most elected presidents select the campaign manager as their White House Chief of Staff. I suspect that Trump will not follow this pattern. But dismissing Corey Lewandowski will satisfy the angst of many in The Establishment.

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