The FBI reversed the earlier decision by the Justice Department and released a full version of the 9-1-1 calls from Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen. Attorney General Loretta Lynch did all 5 Sunday morning news programs telling all that a partial transcript would be released. But when it was, the response was pure outrage over how the transcript was censored. The reason was simple. The Barack Obama administration was been busy the past week downplaying any connection to Islamic terrorism. Instead, they have used the Orlando nightclub mass shooting as an excuse to pass more gun control laws. When the full text was released by the FBI hours later, there is no longer any doubt. Radical, Islamic terrorism was the primary motive.

This should come as no surprise, unless you are a total idiot like Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC). He has been playing the old ′its-a-gun-issue′ card. Obama and others are no better. Sarah Palin rightly pointed out in one of her Facebook posts that Obama is ″some kind of stupid″. She hit the nail on the head once again! Obama IS some kind of stupid! As, too, Clyburn and the rest of the gun-grabbers.

There is no doubt that tougher gun laws, even a total ban and confiscation of so-called ′assault weapons′, would not have made any difference. France and Belgium have some of the toughest gun laws in the world and they still had terrorist attacks. The Paris attacks of last December were a mix of guns and bombs, though guns did account for most of the casualties. We have also seen more recently in Israel that terrorists can build their own guns if motivated. The submachine guns used were homemade, using gun parts and plumbing pipes and other hardware.

Mateen had been planning his attack for several months, as evident from him selling his residence to a family member for $10 back in April. Plenty of time to construct bombs or firearms. Anybody with a 3-in-1 machine tool, that combines a drill, grinder and lathe, which sells for under $500, can build a submachine gun. The plans have been available long before the Internet and a little trial and error is all that is needed. You can even build the silencers to go with them.

This, of course, is the fundamental problem with the entire anti-gun lobby position. EVERY weapon is an ′assault weapon′! I can kill somebody quite easily with a rolled-up magazine, several different ways. Will we have to outlaw the publishing of Cosmopolitan or Time? Had Mateen been compelled to build a simple bomb just using gasoline, he probably would have killed even more people. The hard reality is that when you have somebody who is prepared to kill and sacrifice their own life in the process, there is very little you can do to stop them.

I am glad that the FBI came to their senses and decided to release the full transcript of the Omar Mateen 911 phone calls. The arguments by Loretta Lynch and other dummies that such would only provide the Islamic State with more propaganda is ludicrous. If anything, ISIS could claim more strength from just releasing a partial text out of fear. What we do read now is the very clear fact that Lynch, Barack Obama, Jim Clyburn and the rest of the cowardly gun-grabbers are all a bunch of liars. The Orlando nightclub shooting was motivated by radical, Islamic terrorism, not by gun control. Guns were merely a method, and, in some cases, a different method would have been even deadlier.

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