On Thursday during testimony before a US Senate committee, CIA Director John Brennan declared that the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, is more dangerous now than ever before. That their network of terrorist operatives has expanded globally. That they are more of threat now against Europe and America. Just 24 hours earlier, Brennan′s boss, Barack Hussein Obama, said the opposite. That ″ISIL″ has been degraded and is losing steam and territory. Obama′s remarks were made in connection with the recent Islamic terror attack in Orlando, Florida. Not only did Obama downplay the role that ISIS may have had in the Orlando nightclub mass shooting, but Obama spent considerable time blaming a lack of gun control laws, not radical Islamic terrorism.

Naturally, Obama won′t call the Orlando nightclub mass shooting an act of ′radical Islamic terrorism′. He won′t even let the Department of Homeland Security use words like ″jihad″ or ″Sharia″ anymore. Regularly readers will note that Brennan′s statement to the Senate on Thursday qualify my position that whenever Obama says something, it is proven to be wrong or an outright lie within 72 hours. Sometimes it does take a bit longer. For example, we now have some 50 career diplomats from the US State Department saying that Obama′s policies on Syria were wrong. I knew that in about 5 nanoseconds, if that!

There is no doubt that the Islamic State is more dangerous now than ever before. They openly brag about how they are using the Syrian refugee crisis, along with refugees from other Muslim nations, to sneak operatives into Europe. Even Socialist France has woken up finally and is deporting radical Imams from French mosques and French soil. Only foolish leaders, like Obama, Angela Merkel and the would-be leader, Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton, still think its a good idea to flood their nations with refugees from terrorist hotspots.

Here in the United States, as I have mentioned before, the Federal Bureau of Investigations admits that there are ISIS terror cells in all 50 states. That at least a thousand individuals may have direct ties to ISIS. The FBI only has the capacity to watch about 400 suspects effectively. Luck plays a huge role in how many terror plots have been disrupted over the years. But sheer luck only takes you so far, as Orlando has shown.

So whom do you believe? Barack Hussein Obama, who says that ′ISIL′ is less of a threat? Or CIA Director John Brennan, who says that the Islamic State is more of a threat today? I′m not saying that Brennan is right all of the time, but on this issue, he most certainly is! Obama is an incompetent digbat who is totally clueless. His policies, and those of Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton, have not only helped create ISIS, but have resulted in widespread chaos and disorder across the globe. America, and the world, is more threatened now than ever before by radical Islamic terrorism.

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