Donald J. Trump was right again as we learn about Noor Salman, the wife, or common-law wife of Orlando nightclub mass shooter, Omar Mateen. Reports are that she knew about the terrorist attack. Did she assist him in any way? Why did she not notify police and warn the public? Could she have stopped him? These are questions now being asked as Salman is under investigation by authorities. After the San Bernardino terror shooting, Trump stated that people knew that those terrorists were up to no good. That their family members remained silent. That neighbors and friends said nothing fearing being labeled as a racist by our ′politically correct′ government and media. Trump also said that it is up to the domestic, US Muslim community to police itself and work with authorities in rooting out radicalized jihadists.

A grand jury may be created to answer these questions about what Noor Salman knew. The UK Daily Mail is reporting that Salman is being questioned and that her parent′s home in Northern California was searched. Reports are that she may have known quite a bit and even was with him during trips to Orlando to ′case out′ the Pulse Nightclub and Walt Disney World as targets. She may have also been with him when he purchased his firearms and ammunition. One report is that Mateen called his wife from inside the nightclub during a lull in the gunfire.

If she had any role in all of this, Noor Salman could face a truck load of charges, including 49 counts of aiding and abiding in murder and 53 counts of aiding and abiding attempted murder. Then there are other charges like failure to report of a pending terrorist attack. She could wind up in a whole lot of trouble. But, she may have an ′out′ in being abused by Mateen and afraid for her life and the life of their 3-year old son. Given Mateen′s past history with his ex-wife, a good defense lawyer should be able to play the victim card well enough to keep Salman out of prison.

Donald Trump was right again about this aspect of our failed war on terrorism. As we learn more about what happened, it seems painfully obvious the many people dropped the ball and that some decided never to pick the ball up in the first place. For example, it is already part of our existing gun laws that those who are currently on terrorist watch lists cannot purchase firearms. Also, those who have been on such lists are flagged to the FBI when making a purchase after being removed from the list, as was the case with Omar Mateeen. The FBI knew at least 5 days before the Orlando nightclub mass shooting that he had purchased a Glock 9mm handgun and a Sig Sauer MCX semi-automatic rifle.

Of course, the FBI is overloaded with investigations. There are some 1,000 active investigations underway with surveillance of nearly 400 individuals in all 50 states. That is just those who may be affiliated with ISIS! Trump is meeting with the NRA to discuss how to prevent potential terrorists from obtaining firearms. Some in The Media are saying that this marks a ′shift′ in Trump′s position on gun rights, so as to damage him to voters who support the Second Amendment. But, really, this is just part of Trump′s overall strategy on developing a counter-terrorism program that would work. One that places more emphasis on profiling people inclined to become actual terrorists, as well as stopping them at the border.

Sure, Omar Mateen was born in the US. But, as we saw in the Paris attacks, ISIS and other groups are using the massive refugee crisis to infiltrate their enemies. A Muslim woman was just arrested in New Mexico after illegally crossing our southern border to locate potential targets such as oil and natural gas pipelines. As I have said many times, while these mass shootings may grab headlines, attacks on our infrastructure, like pipelines and power grids, would have a devastating effect on our nation. Thanks to Barack Obama, America is one, big, soft target.

Donald Trump was right again on this point, too! Barack Obama is incompetent as our country′s leader. The Obama administration spends far more time clambering about global warming – climate change as being a greater threat than radical Islamic terrorism. Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton is no different than Obama. Her priorities are also misdirected. For example, instead of wanted to create jobs and industry, she wants to shut them down, like coal and mining. You would think that we would at least have a national policy of selling coal to countries like China and India, who use far more of it than we do, just to offset our trade imbalances.

The choice is very clear. A vote for anyone other than Donald Trump is a vote for Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. Even if you don′t vote, you are signing off on allowing Crooked Hillary to continue the Obama agenda which is destroying the United States. Making us weaker and more vulnerable. We have once again witnessed how political correctness has allowed another terrorist attack to spill the blood of many citizens. You have to ask yourself if we can survive as a nation with another 4 years of this nonsense?