Its official! MSNBC′s ″Morning Joe″ is back to their normal routine of Liberal lies. The brief period of almost rational thought has passed. Today they began attacking Donald Trump for trying to implicate Barack Hussein Obama in the Orlando nightclub mass shooting. Actually, Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton may be more responsible, but let us put that aside for the moment. Trump alluded to Obama′s possible involvement during several interviews he gave yesterday. But he, himself, did not endorse the idea. Trump′s position is that incidents like the Orlando shooting are the product of Obama being a bumbling, weak, stupid leader. THAT is what Donald Trump had to say and that is what he believes!

Trump did raise the notion that ′some people′ have that Obama may be deliberately siding with radical Islamic extremists as part of a wider agenda. What else is new? Large portions of the population think that the moon landings were faked. Or that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the lone gunman who killed John F. Kennedy. Or that the government is covering up UFO encounters. That most of our technological wonders, like Velcro, Kevlar and microprocessors, are all the fruits of a deal Ike made where the aliens give us technology and we allow them to kidnap, abuse and even eat US citizens.

Joe Scarborough attacked Trump, the NRA and others this morning saying that Ronald Reagan wanted to ban AR-15 semi-automatic rifles. Sure, Reagan was pretty good, almost as good as Calvin Coolidge, who also had his faults. Reagan had plenty, too! What do you expect, he′s only human. Even I am wrong once in a great while! I sure was wrong in 2012 for even bothering to support Mitt Romney after he became the GOP nominee. We saw what happened. Romney choked! He choked like a dog!!!

Donald Trump is correct in his assessment that Barack Hussein Obama is an idiot. Obama has messed up the world in ways it may take years to discover. But with the Orlando nightclub mass shooting, we can see how Obama screwed up as clear as a crystal, blue lake. Why did the FBI drop their investigation on Omar Mateen? Because the Obama Justice Department, led by Eric Holder, weakened the entire system. Even Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton got in on the act sending lawyers from the State Department to force the FBI to be more politically correct when dealing with Muslim suspects. The nonsense continues as the Department of Homeland Security does not want its personnel to use terms like ″jihad″. WTF!!!

The bottom line is that Joe Scarborough is a liar. Donald Trump did not implicate Barack Hussein Obama in the Orlando nightclub mass shooting. Trump did not say that Obama was sympathetic with radical Islamic terrorism. What Donald Trump DID say was that Obama is a fool! A dummy! An incompetent idiot! No argument, there!