As I predicted yesterday, we now know the name of the gunman from the Orlando nightclub mass shooting and there is a connection to radical Islamic terrorism. Omar Mir Seddique Mateen was 29 years old and born in New York City, USA. His parents legally immigrated from Afghanistan, probably fleeing the Soviet occupation. Mateen killed 49 people at the Pulse Nightclub in downtown Orlando, Florida, and wounded some 53 others. He, himself, was killed in a gun battle with police as a SWAT team smashed a hole in the wall using a Bearcat armored vehicle. Some 30 hostages escaped through the hole, and when Mateen tried to escape, he was shot dead. According to the FBI, Mateen popped up on their radar twice, once in 2013 and again in 2014, and was interviewed three times by them. Yet, Barack Hussein Obama still won′t use the term ″radical Islam″.

No, Obama did call the mass shooting, the worst in US history, an ″act of terror and an act of hate.″ Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton also won′t use the term ″radical Islam″ in describing this act of terror. Donald Trump called for Obama to resign because of his failure to identify reality. The apple does not fall far from the tree, as we see here in this case. Omar Mateen′s father, who admitted on Sunday that his son hated homosexuals, is something of a kook, too! Seems that daddy, Seddique Mateen, considers himself to be some sort of politician type, even wears a Saddam Hussein mustache and haircut. The guy has made videos, even in some type of military uniform, claiming to be running for president of Afghanistan. Daddy Mateen also has expressed support for the Taliban, particularly with how they deal with homosexuals. Burying them chest-high and then building a wall which is toppled over them, crushing them to death.

What do you expect? Will the LGTBQ community now wake up and smell the coffee? Will they realize that their more serious enemy are not Christian bakers who won′t bake same-sex-marriage cakes but Islamic kooks? Every nation which embraces Islam as it′s state religion punishes homosexuals, usually by executing them. The Islamic State, or ISIS or ISIL, likes to throw gay men off the roofs of buildings that are more than five stories tall. Then they′ll still stone them for good measure! Sometimes they′ll burn them alive in a cage, just as they recently did to 19 Yazidi girls. The LGBTQ community needs to consider supporting Donald Trump for president since he will protect them, and the rest of us, unlike Obama and Crooked Hillary.

Speaking of ISIS, Omar Mateen called 9-1-1 about 20 minutes after he started his shooting spree to declare his allegiance to the Islamic State. ISIS is claiming that Mateen was a ″soldier of The Caliphate″ and it appears that they may have said three days earlier that an attack was coming to Florida. Of course, ISIS makes a lot of threats. Last week, they released a ′kill list′ of some 8,000 Americans by name, including hundreds living in Florida.

The FBI first became aware of Omar Mateen in 2013 when his coworkers at G4S Solutions tipped them off that Mateen was claiming to have ties to terrorist groups. G4S is a private security firm which has contracts with the federal government for securing federal buildings. Mateen, himself, was a guard a a court house in Point St. Lucie, near his home in Fort Pierce. The FBI investigated him, including interviewing him twice, and reached no conclusions. Mateen was interviewed a third time by the FBI in 2014 after it became known that he was an acquaintance of Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, an American who trained with an Al Qaeda group in Syria and performed a suicide bombing killing 30 Syrians.

Once again, the FBI did not have enough evidence to make an arrest. So Omar Mateen went about his life, which ended violently Sunday. He had a long history of violence. In 2009, Mateen married Sitora Yusifiya, but that marriage only lasted four months. Mateen routinely beat her, sometimes over little things like not having the laundry done when he came home from work. Sitora′s parents literally rescued her from Mateen′s clutches. After their divorce was finalized in 2011, Mateen married again. He has a 3-year old son from this marriage.

Mateen′s life went into the ′red zone′ about a month ago. He complained to his father that while in Miami with his son, they saw two men hugging and kissing in public. That lit the fuse. Since Omar had no criminal record, and had a gun carry permit and the necessary training certification in Florida, he bought two weapons just a week before his rampage. In what law enforcement calls, ′flash-to-burn′, shows what a short fuse it was. Many terrorist attacks in the past take months and much preparation to carry out. But an attack like this one, a ′lone wolf′ attacking a ′soft target′ and prepared to die, doesn′t take long at all.

So, Omar rented a van in Port St. Lucie and drove about 120 miles to Orlando. With his newly bought AR-15 rifle and Glock 9mm handgun, Mateen was ready. He must have had prior knowledge of the Pulse Nightclub, known to be a hot spot for the LGBTQ community. Saturday was a Latin-theme night at Pulse, so the place was packed with about 350 patrons. Mateen did encounter an off-duty Orlando police officer, who was in uniform and providing security. A gun battle inside the club near the main entrance ensued as other police officers arrived on the scene. Mateen retreated into a bathroom where he held a number of people hostage.

At around 2:22am EDT, Omar called 9-1-1 and made his declaration about being in support of the Islamic State. He also mentioned the Boston Marathon bombers, too during his conversation. A hostage standoff went on until about 5am. Other patrons hiding inside urged police to rescue them before they were killed. Police used several distraction devices to confuse Mateen while a forced entry was made using the Bearcat vehicle. After some 30 hostages escaped, Mateen attempted to exit from the same hole. After another gun battle with police, Omar Mateen was dead.

Of the 49 people who were killed by Omar Mateen, 39 died inside the Pulse Nightclub. Ten others died either at the hospital or while being transported there. Some 53 other people were wounded and hospitalized with injuries ranging from critical to stable. The people of Orlando, and the rest of Florida, reacted as real Americans do, lining up to give blood. By Sunday afternoon, blood banks were turning people away because they had so much! The efforts by police, other government agencies along with various social and charity groups was amazing. The overall response to this tragedy has been excellent.

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can figure out that the Orlando nightclub mass shooting was a case of radical Islamic terrorism. The shooter, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, claims he supports ISIS, the Islamic State. He appears to have been sympathetic to Islamic jihad for many years, even making comments of praise for Osma bin Laden. The FBI investigated him twice for terror connections. His motive was clearly based on radical Islam, depending how you define ′radical′. Pretty much every Islamic nation takes a dim view towards homosexuals. Yet, Barack Hussein Obama still won′t acknowledge the problem of radical Islamic terrorism. Even while they murder potential Democratic Party voters in the LGBTQ community. I guess what else can we expect from a guy who sat for 20 years in a ′peace and love′ church run by the Rev. Wright who liked to preach, ″God damn America!″ and ″America′s chickens come home to roost!″. They came home to Orlando on Sunday. Wonder what Jeremiah Wright will have to say about that?