On Thursday, the very same day Barack Obama endorsed Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest finally admitted that she is under a criminal investigation by the FBI. Soon or later, even reality crashes into the fog of lies. We also learned this week that some of those classified emails that went through the vulnerable, private email server of Crooked Hillary Clinton contained actionable intelligence concerning drone strikes. One has to wonder how many terrorists were able to escape death thanks to any hacks of her emails?

Yet, Obama still wants Crooked Hillary to replace him. Is it any wonder why? If Americans should vote someone who is smart and respects the laws of our country, like Donald J. Trump, Obama and the Clintons might find themselves in prison. But, of course, the news media only seems to care about some phony story about Trump University.

My vote for ′Liar of the Week′ is none other than Joe Scarborough. I knew that once the GOP primary wound down, that he and the rest at MSNBC would shift gears and attack Trump. Joe and his cohost, Mika Brzezinski are both personal friends of Trump and know damn well that he is not a racist. But they are calling him that anyway, and adding to this lie another lie about how Trump is ″obsessing″ about the judge in the Trump U case.

The truth is that Trump hardly ever mentions it unless the press brings it up! In just one interview in the past week, Trump was asked about 21 times! I don′t care what the judge′s ethnicity is, he′s an idiot! The class-action lawsuit against Trump U should have been tossed out 2 years ago! An extremely small percentage, less than 0.1%, of the so-called ′students′ are complaining about it. If you want to sue a university for fraud, how suing Harvard or Yale? During the first 6 years of the Obama administration, only about 50% of college graduates got jobs. Think about the millions of people who spent tens of thousands of dollars on higher education that failed to produce results! Now THAT is a CRIME! Where is the outrage on that?

Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton, on the other hand, is knee-deep in very serious trouble. If you just focus on those 22 emails that contained ′Top Secret′, classified material, that could potentially put her in prison for the rest of her life! Forget about the other 2,500 or so emails that clearly show a general disregard for national security. Add to that the destruction of tens of thousands of documents which should have been preserved, and her multiple lies on the whole matter. One could argue that she should get at least a few charges of obstructing justice. A lot of experts with backgrounds in this sort of case believe that Crooked Hillary should be indicted and have a whole truck load of charges brought against her.

So Barack Obama, who has no problem with violating the law himself, has endorsed Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. Too bad Google is censoring keyword searches involving ″hillary clinton crimes″. Even after the White House admits that she is under a criminal investigation by the FBI. Doesn′t matter much as Facebook is also censoring me these days right after I my last article about how the Dahlai Lama thinks that Muslim immigrants in Europe should go home back to their countries of origin. The Media will play fast and loose with the truth in order to help Crooked Hillary over Donald J. Trump. Trump is correct when he bashes ′journalists′ for being so dishonest. Joe Scarborough gets a second nod for also being a politician, too! We all know how dishonest they are!