The Wall Street Journal reports that George Soros is up to his old tricks again. Just when you thought he had retired, leaving his empire to his sons to command, Soros has stepped in and is selling short on the major stock markets. George Soros sees trouble ahead in the European Union and the global economy and is buying gold and silver bullion, stocks, etc., to protect his wealth. All of this while the secretive Bilderberger society holds their 2016 meeting in Germany. On their agenda are issues like a new Internet ′passport′ ID system, a global tax on oil and fossil fuels, and the big ′Brexit′ vote. I′m sure the Bilderbergers are also curious if their plans to put either Crooked Hillary Clinton or low-energy Jeb Bush in the White House are down the drain thanks to Donald J. Trump? Among the usual crowd of globalist insiders, none other than major Trump critic, Lindsey Graham is attending the fun and festivities at the Bilderberger 2016 meeting.

That Lindsey Graham sure is a ′good egg′, isn′t he? More like the fox in the hen house! This reminds me of the scene from the film, ″The Hunt for Red October″ when Jack Ryan is kept after the briefing for the president′s chief of staff. The Chief tells Jack, ″I′m a politician, that means I′m a liar and a thief. When I′m not kissing babies, I′m stealing their lollipops!″

Is it any wonder why the Bilderbergers and power brokers like George Soros toy with politicians? Buy, sell, corrupt and stash them away in their hip pockets? It is all about control and profiting from it. To them, the world is merely a game board for a global version of ″Monopoly″. They move pieces around, like Obama and Crooked Hillary, to get themselves a bigger slice of the pie.

How do you corrupt a billionaire like Donald Trump? After a couple-three hundred million dollars, money becomes irrelevant. Personal wealth is secure and you reach a point where you simply cannot spend anymore. Sure, you can buy bigger toys, but somebody always comes along and buys or builds a bigger yacht, a bigger mansion, a bigger private island paradise. Once you pass the threshold of having a few billion dollars to your credit, it becomes a game of sheer power and influence.

For George Soros and his pals at the Bilderberger 2016 meeting, power is the name of the game. Their goal is to rule over billions of people. As we have seen this primary season, money does not always equal success. Donald Trump spent at most about $4 per vote for his historic, record number of around 13 million votes. Bernie Sanders spent nearly $180 million for about the same amount, and Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton a bit more for her 16-plus million votes. Of course, we can easily explain away them spending almost $12 a vote as both are Socialists and neither have any real experience in the private sector.

Will you follow suit with George Soros and short your holdings in the stock market and invest more in gold and silver? Are you worried about the agenda at the Bilderberger 2016 meeting? It does look like our globalist masters are getting ready for more economic chaos. How ready are you? My advice is to invest in a good, solid knife! That way, you can still protect yourself after Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton does away with the Second Amendment and takes all of our guns. Eorge Soros doesn′t like you owning a firearm, which is why he′s putting his money with Crooked Hillary. As the Klingons would say, a running man with a knife can slit a thousand throats in a night! Pleasant dreams, my misguided friends!