The Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, publicly burned 19 girls alive in a cage in Mosul last week Thursday. The Main Stream Media hardly noted the event. Neither Barack nor Michelle Obama said anything about it. Nor did that ′champion′ of women, Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. Where is the outrage? Where is #StopBurningWomen? Or #YazidiLivesMatter? No, we get none of that because this is an embarrassment to the Obama administration and to presidential candidate Crooked Hillary Clinton. They are more likely to blame the Yazidi women for not wanting to have sex with Muslim men. They must be racists or Islamophobes and got what they deserved for their sins.

Maybe I am being a bit cruel here but its a cruel world. Especially after eight years of Obama and four years with Crooked Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Iraq was practically pacified thanks to ′The Surge′ at the end of the Bush′43 administration. The core group of what would soon to become known as the Islamic State consisted of at most some 37 enemy noncombatants. Had Obama and Clinton followed through on getting a ′Status of Forces′ agreement with Iraq, and a small military presence been left to finish the job, ISIS might never had happened.

But then, the Obama administration made many foreign policy mistakes during its first term with Crooked Hillary at the helm of our State Department. The infamous ′ReStart Button′ with Russia. The loss of Crimea from Ukraine. The failure to support the pro-democracy-moderate ′Green Revolution′ in Iran. Siding with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Encouraging the ′Arab Spring′ which led to the civil war in Syria. Invading Libya to remove Gaddafy and plunge that country into chaos. And, of course, ignoring pleas for increased security at our facilities in Benghazi, which allowed a terrorist attack to kill four Americans, including US ambassador Christopher Stevens.

How Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton can claim having the sort of foreign policy experience we need to keep peace in the world is a good question! How can she? Her track record sucks! Worse yet, people died! Hundreds of thousands! Add to that the misery Obama and Clinton created with the choices and decisions. Coptic Christians in Egypt being terrorized. ISIS murdering Christians and Yazidis by the truck load. Syrian civilians subjected to all of the horrors of war. Obama is to blame as much or more as Crooked Hillary. The Muslim Brotherhood had carte blanche at the Obama White House with frequent visits. One of Barack Obama′s half-brothers even raised money for the Brotherhood.

So, there it is! When the Islamic State isn′t busy destroying historical archeological sites, or throwing homosexuals off the roofs of buildings, they are burning women who refuse to have sex with them. Such was the fate of 19 Yazidi girls burned alive in a cage before the public in Mosul, Iraq. ISIS, or ISIL if you prefer, rose to power right under the noses of Barack Obama and Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. Thanks to them, half of Europe and most of the Middle East and North Africa are threatened by ISIS. The pace of bombing and recapturing territory lost to ISIS may be increasing, but the whole thing was a massive misjudgment by the Obama administration and then Secretary of State, Crooked Hillary Clinton. You really want this to continue for another four years?