Last night was a good one for Donald Trump as he delivered a short, polished speech following the last of the GOP primaries. Trump finished the primary season winning at least 1531 delegates and receiving 1.4 Million votes more than any other Republican Party presidential candidate in history. Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton also had a good night with all but one Democratic Party contest to go. However, her numbers were down, as they have been throughout the Democrat primaries by about 30%. Still, she is just shy about 200 pledged delegates from securing the nomination, which she will get thanks to the rigged system of super-delegates. Donald J. Trump mentioned this rigged system which obstructs Bernie Sanders, and spoke briefly about how the Clintons are masters of the ″politics of personal enrichment″. Trump will deliver a speech early next week, possibly on Monday, elaborating on this theme.

I think we can already guess at some of what Donald Trump will have to say about Crooked Hillary and Bill Clinton. Those two cats have been milking ′The System′ for as long as they have been in public life. While some are attacking Trump over his ′Trump U′, the real fraud was the whole Whitewater real estate deal which the Clintons were involved with. Scamming mostly retirees with mortgages and leases that could rob the retirees of their cash with no warning or recourse. Moving into the White House did not make the power couple any more honest. They were raking in the bucks renting out the Lincoln bedroom and having coffee with Bill for years. After the White House, the real fun began with dubious book deals and speaking engagements.

The Clintons turned selling ′access′ into a highly profitable, fine art. They worked ′The System′ to the ′Nth degree′! How else do you explain their purchase of multiple homes at a time when Crooked Hillary claims they were broke? They racked up over two-hundred million dollars in just a few short years. Not that they actually produced anything of value. It was all about political access, sold to the highest bidder.

While there has been some reporting on this cash bonanza in the Main Stream Media, little is still known. One can see without connecting many dots that the whole point of Crooked Hillary Clinton using the same, private server her husband set up for all of her email was to avoid transparency and a public record of her communications. The timing of many meetings as Secretary of State with speeches and other events involving Bill Clinton was frequent and more than suspicious.

Billions of dollars worth of deals went down, and with each transaction, the Clintons benefited financially. Even when much of the cash was in the form of ′donations′ to the Clinton charity group, often referred to as the Clinton Foundation, a lot of that money went to ′administrative′ costs and salaries. Some of those costs and salaries were even paid for by US taxpayers! The Clinton Foundation is a money machine! A giant cash register which has spent only a very small percentage on doing any real charitable work.

How legal its operation is remains to be seen as the FBI investigates it. We already know that nearly everything Crooked Hillary Clinton has said about her use of a private email server has been a lie. The sheer volume of classified material that flowed through it is staggering! Over 2,200 documents at least! Then there are those 22 emails that contained ′Top Secret′ material which could only have been sent by means of somebody committing a felony offense. Despite her claims, the Inspector General of the State Department has confirmed that there were a number of hacking attempts on the Clinton server. At one point, the hacking attacks were so bad that their own top technician insisted that the server be shut down!

Donald J. Trump will list and detail much of this next week when he speaks about the poor judgment of Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. Trump will connect the dots and show how the Bill and Hillary Clinton used a rigged system for the politics of personal enrichment. Is this what America wants for the next four years? To have the Clintons back in the White House so they can loot the nation even more? Or is it high time for honest government? To have somebody in the White House who will work for the American people! Who will fight for the American people! Who will be honest with the American people! The choice is really very simple. Vote for Crooked Hillary and you′ll get four more years of lousy, crooked government. Vote for Donald J. Trump and get four years of putting the interests of the American people first rather than Bill and Hillary′s bank accounts.