Today is the big day we have been waiting for as the presidential primary season finishes. California, New Jersey and several other states are holding their primaries today. Bernie Sanders vows to continue his fight for being the Democratic Party nominee, even though, according to the Associated Press, Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton now has the needed number of delegates to win on the first convention ballot vote. Sanders argue that neither she, nor he, will have the number of pledged delegates needed. That both will rely on super-delegates, who will not vote until the national DNC convention at the end of July. As far as Bernie Sanders is concerned, the game is not over until then.

Of course, that may change depending on tonight′s primary election results. A big win in California, which has some 475 delegates, could close the gap for Sanders with Crooked Hillary. Most polls show the two are neck-and-neck. If California feels ′The Bern′ and he wins by a large margin, the dynamics may change. Sanders could argue that he is the better candidate to face Donald Trump in the November general election. Most polls show that that is the case!

Some of the latest news casts more doubt on Crooked Hillary Clinton. The report by the State Department′s inspector general was pretty bad for Crooked Hillary, placing most of the blame for the private email server directly on her. She exhibited poor judgment in choosing not to use a government email account. There are also more reports surfacing about her actions as Secretary of State in regards to helping entities who made cash contributions to the Clinton Foundation charity group. The potential for possible criminal indictment charges still exist. If that happens, it will end her campaign overnight.

We are also getting more reports from the scandal known as the Panama Papers. Once again, major corporations and individuals whom have been big donors to the Clinton Foundation appear to have been avoiding US taxes through secret, off-shore shelters and bank accounts. Several politicians from other nations are already being scrutinized, some have even resigned.

There is growing pressure on Bernie Sanders to concede defeat and suspend his campaign. Barack Obama is chomping at the bit to jump in and start working to elect Crooked Hillary Clinton. He, better than most, know what a lousy candidate she is. Even on a good day, her speeches are so forced, canned, and processed that there is zero authenticity or spontaneity. Her honesty numbers are low, even for a Democrat!

So will Bernie Sanders surrender tonight to Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton? Or will the California primary results give Sanders more fuel to sustain his bid for the Democratic Party presidential nomination? Can he fight all the way to Philadelphia this July at the DNC national convention? The answers are just hours away!