The Donald Trump rally in San Jose, California was attacked by an angry mob of protesters, burning American flags while waving Mexican flags. Trump supporters were physically assaulted by the protesters, including a white woman and mother who was pelted by eggs and other objects by a group of mostly Hispanic and Black young men. Police were slow to respond and the violence was wide spread. Meanwhile, inside the rally, Donald Trump blasted Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton as a liar and being unqualified to be president.

Earlier in the day, Crooked Hillary gave a speech at her own rally which had been billed as a major foreign policy speech. But that was the first of many lies she told as she spent the whole time attacking Trump with superfluous statements. She did not give a single example of anything Trump has said or any of his positions on foreign policy. Nor did Crooked Hillary give one example of where she stands on any issue or what she might do if elected. The speech was essentially a nearly one-hour long rant about how Trump is a bully in her opinion.

During his rally, Donald Trump did give specific examples of why Crooked Hillary Clinton would be a disaster if elected. The email scandal, Benghazi, the Arab Spring, as well as her support for the War in Iraq. Trump just blasted her on every failed program and policy she initiated or backed. She did nothing of value or worthwhile as Secretary of State. Her only achievement is that she traveled more on the taxpayer′s dime than any other Secretary of State. That′s it!

So, it would appear that we are seeing the strategy that Crooked Hillary and the Democratic Party is going to use against Donald Trump. Since she has nothing to run on but trying to be the first woman president, the game plan is to attack Trump with lies and waves of protesters. It was bad enough when the protesters just focused their violence on police, but now they are going after Trump supporters. One of the major problems at San Jose was that the Democrat mayor ordered the police to stand down and allowed the protesters to run amok.

The blame here falls entirely on the mayor and on those who organized the protesters, many of whom are ′professional agitators′. Hopefully, we will see a crackdown on these bozos soon, before the violence escalates. But for the time being, the protests only reinforce Donald Trump, as it becomes more and more clear that America needs a strong leader who will Make America Great Again and save us from the loafers, cheaters and anarchists. Trump is not causing the violence, nor is he encouraging his supporters to act violently. But Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton is not speaking out against the protesters. David Axelrod, Barack Obama′s former campaign manager, says that there is no place for these violent protesters. Even Tom Llamas, the ABC News reporter whom Trump called ″a sleaze″ during a press conference earlier this week, was shocked by the violence. When will the rest of the Democratic Party wake up and realize the damage they are causing?