I am about ready to switch to Buddhism! Now that His High Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, has declared that there are too many Muslim refugees entering Europe. He has more on the ball than the Commie Pope Francis does! The Dalai Lama is a compassionate man and says that we humans must help other humans. But, he has figured out, unlike Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and a host of other nitwits, that you cannot flood a country with foreigners without losing your culture and society. The Dalai Lama has a solution, give refugees temporary shelter and assistance, then return them to their place of origin to rebuild their homes and nations. Sounds like a good plan to me!

Europe is being overrun by Muslim immigrants. It is a virtual invasion! In fact, the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, is doing its best to make it a real invasion. But, even well before ISIS came on the scene, Muslim immigrants have been pouring into Europe and bringing their culture, laws and customs with them. They are not adapting or assimilating to their European hosts. We are seeing the same thing here in America. Thanks to Obama, we′re headed down the same path.

There has been a steady rise in the United States of the practice of Sharia Law, which is contrary to our own laws. Most disturbing are the increasing numbers of ′honor killings′ and cases of female genital mutilations. Plus, there is also the potential for more Islamic terrorism as more mosques open up preaching a highly radicalized form of Islam.

Then we have the problem of diseases, though this is not limited to just Muslim refugees. Indeed, the increased flow of Hispanic immigrants across our southern borders, thanks to Obama, is spreading many diseases throughout the country. Whether its the measles, the Zika virus or tuberculosis, there is a definite connection between outbreaks within the United States and immigrants from South and Central America, as well as from Africa and the Middle East. In the State of Minnesota, 22% of recent immigrants from Somalia tested positive for TB! In Arizona, an outbreak of measles is tied directly to Hispanic immigrants from Central America. This week, the first baby born in the US with birth defects from the Zika virus was from a woman who flew here from South America.

How fools like New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez can say that bringing in 20,000 Syrian refugees would be great economically for her state is beyond belief! Syrian refugees are spreading a variety of diseases to Europe and elsewhere, such as flesh-eating disease, polio, measles, and others. We are already going broke paying to educate, house, feed, clothe, etc, the millions of illegal immigrants here in America. About $300 Billion dollars a year is being spent on this. Add the cost of more healthcare to a system that is already strained and suffering from Obamacare. We simply cannot afford it any longer.

The Dalai Lama is correct about how there are too many Muslim refugees in Europe and that its time to send them home. The outbreak of violence against European women which is spreading throughout Europe is horrifying. More and more Muslin communities are growing fast and becoming ′No-Go′ zones for local police. I is high time that leaders in Europe, and in America, face the truth. Our culture, our economy, cannot afford the current policies any longer. We have to defeat ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist groups quickly and repatriate Muslim immigrants back to their homelands.