Donald Trump held a press conference yesterday at his headquarters at Trump Towers. He began with detailing the list of veterans organizations who have received money raised by Trump during his charity rally held opposite to a Fox News presidential debate. The Washington Post recently accused Trump of not raising as much money as he claimed, nor of distributing it all. Trump confirmed that he did, indeed, raise over $5.5 Million dollars during the one-night event. Many veteran groups did get money shortly after the affair while others did not till recently. At least one group is still being vetted and there are also issues with federal paperwork for some. Donald Trump then went on a tear, taking on the dishonesty of The Media, particularly the political press. Who can blame him?

Just look at some of the nonsense we have seen recently. Several weeks ago, the New York Times did a large ′hit piece′ about how Trump mistreats women, naming several former Trump employees and beauty pageant contestants. However, the women named all came out denouncing the New York Times story, and heaped much praise on Donald Trump. Just this past week, while Trump spoke at a rally in San Diego, a reporter from the website,, questioned, while recording on video, a camera crew from Telemundo TV whom appeared to be staging some protesters outside the rally.

There has been a love-hate relationship between Donald Trump and journalists from way back when Trump first became a public figure. He duked it out with the New York media on a regular basis. Real estate deals, divorces, scandals, etc, Trump was in the news frequently. He encouraged quite a bit of the attention himself. Trump is a master at self-promotion. After declaring his presidential candidacy, the media frenzy increased by a factor of 100. Trump was now truly global, even though he already was.

Which brings me back to this veteran thing. These idiot news reporters apparently have never watched a single episode of ″The Apprentice″. Donald Trump is one of the most charitable people on Earth! The guy has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for just about every cause you can think of. His generosity is infamous, if not infinite! Almost every week on ″The Apprentice″, the contestants would raise money for their favorite charities and Trump would often add some of his own cash to round out the amount to the nearest hundred-grand.

So is Donald Trump justified in being angry at the political press? He certainly is! The amount of ridiculous stories and accusations being thrown at Trump is unbelievable. Much of it, by the way, came from the so-called ′Conservative′ media. Even now, after Trump has won the GOP presidential nomination after receiving more votes than any other Republican candidate in history, the Cuck-servatives are still belly-aching. Bill Kristol of ″The Weekly Standard″ has been seeking to find an alternative candidate to run. The latest rumor is that David French, a writer for the ″National Review″ may be the one Kristol backs. This is just total insanity!

For starters, hardly anybody knows who French is. This is why unknowns in politics start humping in Iowa and New Hampshire three years before their primaries to get some public recognition. He has barely five months to become a public figure. Even if Mitt Romney decides to run now, many state ballot deadlines have passed or will soon pass. Of course, Kristol′s plan is not about winning. Its all about denying Trump from winning. The plot is to try to win several states, like Utah and Idaho or such, so that nobody gets 270 Electoral College votes. Then, if ′The Plot′ succeeds, a Republican Congress will decide who will be the next president. But the reality is that any vote for anyone other than Donald Trump is a vote for Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. So, Bill Kristol and Mitt Romney are really working for her campaign, thereby making them Cucks.

Frankly, I′m not worried because I understand what is happening. The 2016 presidential election has little to do with policies or ideological issues. This election cycle is all about attitude! Donald J. Trump has plenty of attitude and of the right sort that the people of America are seeking. Stephen Hawkings may not ′get it′, but I do. The American people are tired of politics as usual. They voted for Obama twice in hopes of getting change and what they got was short-changed.

After 16 years of push-overs like George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama, America wants a guy who will fight for them! Who isn′t going to wimp out or back down. They want a winner, not a loser. Not a choker! Mitt Romney just didn′t choke, he choked like a dog! So says ′The Trump′! General Patton once said that ″America loves a winner″, and that we find ″the very thought of losing distasteful″. Last week, Obama was in Hiroshima once again declaring that America was wrong for dropping ′The Bomb′. In effect, Obama told the world that if North Korea or ISIS strikes us with a WMD, that we deserve it since we used them first.

Donald Trump beat up the political press because they deserved it. They have been dishonest and Trump will not let them get away with it. Unlike Obama, who lets ISIS, Iran and every other punk, including Trayvon Martin, get away with misbehaving, Donald Trump punches back those who attack him. Just as Trump will punch back at any global punk who tries to strike our nation. Donald Trump showed yesterday that he will fight back and that he will fight for making America great again! That is precisely the sort of attitude we need right now, which scares the hell out of wimps like Obama, Bill Kristol, David French and Mitt Romney.