Radio talk host Glenn Beck was suspended by SiriusXM indefinitely as they review remarks made by guest Brad Thor. The fiction author appeared on Beck′s show last week and made comments that could be interpreted as a threat towards GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump. Beck posed a hypothetical question to Thor about what would happen should Trump win the White House? Thor answered that if Trump were to overstep his so-called ′Constitutional authority′, it may be necessary to rely on a ″patriot″ to remove Trump from office should the Congress fail to impeach him. Even Thor admitted as he began his answer, ″I am about to suggest something very bad,″. Beck agreed with Thor′s solution. Back in early March, a story by The Daily Caller alleged that Glenn Beck said that he would have stabbed Donald Trump with a knife had Beck been at the Fox News debate, but, later retracted the story.

Still, there is no doubt that Glenn Beck is becoming a lunatic when it comes to Donald Trump. Beck was a supporter of rival candidate, Lyin′ Ted Cruz and even declared that he would consider suicide should Cruz lose. Well, Cruz did lose, as any rational person would have predicted. There was no way on God′s green Earth that the Canadian-born Cruz was going to win the GOP nomination. Beck wound up firing some 40 members of his staff due to cash problems after sinking some $500,000 into the Cruz campaign.

Not satisfied with picking one loser in 2016, Glenn Beck then threw his support behind Libertarian candidate Austin Petersen. But Petersen, too, failed on many levels, winning none of the six states which held primaries and not doing much better with the 44 state delegate conventions. Petersen did not even win his home state of Missouri, which, in the Libertarian primary, voted mostly for ′Uncommitted′! Like Beck, Petersen is another lunatic, whom favors open borders and actually supports polygamy!

My guess is that SiriusXM will eventually reverse its decision to have Glenn Beck suspended from their satellite radio service. However, should public response side with their decision, or if the Secret Service steps in and finds potential criminal acts, beck may find himself booted from the airways by other networks that carry his show. There is no doubt that Brad Thor and Glenn Beck are taking the Donald Trump candidacy to the extreme. Beck began his attacks on Trump last summer after Trump turned down requests to appear on Beck′s show. Which says a lot since Trump was appearing on practically every show he could get on. Donald Trump will be appearing later today on ″The Savage Nation″ hosted by Dr. Michael Savage. Unlike Beck and others, Dr. Savage realizes that Trump may be America′s last chance for survival as a nation of borders, language and culture.