Marco Rubio has stated that he privately apologized to the 2016 GOP presumptive presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, for remarks Rubio made about the size of Trump′s hands, etc. Marco has also decided to ask his delegates to vote for Trump at the RNC national convention in Cleveland this July. Last week, Rubio spent several hours on Twitter engaged in a tweet-brawl with the #NeverTrump idiots. He also confirmed that he will not seek reelection to the US Senate, freeing him up for another opportunity. Has Marco Rubio decided that he would like to be Donald Trump′s vice presidential running mate?

I would have to say that it certainly seems like Rubio is trying to get cozy with the Trump campaign. Marco has stated that while he has policy differences with Trump, Rubio will do whatever it takes to prevent Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton from getting elected in November. He has said that he is ready to campaign for Trump wherever needed. This comes as the anti-Trump dummies, like Bill Kristol and Mitt Romney, are making noises again about finding an alternative candidate. So far, its just some text on Twitter with no names mentioned.

Obviously, Marco Rubio would be an interesting choice as Donald Trump′s vice president. The ticket would score well in locking up Florida and might make an impact in attracting more Latino voters. Rubio would also provide some balance and cover making the GOP Establishment types happier with supporting Trump. There are some down-side problems with Trump picking Rubio as a running mate. Some may think that Marco is the ′face′ of the ′future of the Republican Party′. But, as we recently learned, Trump has other plans for the GOP. He wants to make the Republican Party a ′Workers Party′. About damn time!

This would be a brilliant theme for the Trump campaign in the general election to focus on. In truth, the GOP should be the workers party. That is why Ronald Reagan won! The differences are simple. The Democratic Party has become the Loafers Party. The party of the lazy, the freeloaders, the cheaters. For the DNC, whether its Crooked Hillary or Crazy Bernie, its all about giving away free stuff to buy votes. The problem is, as we are currently seeing in Venezuela, is that Socialism only works until you run out of money. Then you are left with a bankrupt nation, blackouts, food shortages, and anarchy.

I nearly laughed my head off one night last week when ′The Great One′, Mark Levin, went on a tirade about Donald Trump wanting to make the Republican Party a Workers Party. ″Its a Conservative Party!″, he kept screaming. HELLOOOOOO? Earth calling Mark…, what Trump is setting up is the difference between the GOP and the Democrats. The Republican Party should absolutely be the party of those who work for a living! Those are the people who pay taxes! Who actually have an income and are having their earnings confiscated by Big Government to pay for all the freebies the Democrats offer. Trump is breaking this down to the core of the economic divide. You are either a producer or a looter.

Now, while Mark Levin′s brain is wrapped too tight by the subtle nuances of the Constitution, and cannot understand this, I believe that Marco Rubio can figure it out and embrace the concept. If he does, then he will be a good running mate for Donald Trump and the actual future of the GOP. We are in a long-term fight here between those who contribute to the economy and those who merely feed off of it. Make no mistake, there are plenty of millionaires and billionaires who also engage in their own brand of looting which the Democratic Party has supported. This is why Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton has the backing of Wall Street.

But Donald Trump, who is, in fact, a small business owner (even though his business is HUGE!) understands that the health of our national economy depends far more on small business and working consumers than the Wall Street bankers, brokers and hedge fund types. Those scoundrels can do just fine so long as the Federal reserve keeps printing up cheap, funny money. But its the people who actually work for a living, either as a business owner or as an employee, who create new wealth and prosperity. These days, less than half of the population falls into this category. Add in those who are children or already retired from the work force and you probably get a majority of around 75% or so.

So, if the Republican Party wants to be successful in the future, it has to retool its message to endear itself to this majority. We are already seeing it on the state level. About two-thirds of the states have Republican governors and legislative majorities. Not all of it is based on pure, ideological theories on Conservative principles. The simpler answer is that voters want government which taxes them less and spends the tax money more efficiently. That, in a nutshell, is what Donald Trump is promoting. He is pitching for smarter government, and less enough of get out of the way for continuous economic growth.

I think Marco Rubio can wrap his mind around that theme and carry the ball for Donald Trump. Will Rubio say ′Yes′ if Trump offers him the VP slot? You betcha! Only a fool would turn it down. I have no doubt that Rubio would easily sail through the delegates at the RNC national convention and be nominated as Donald Trump′s vice presidential running mate. About the only people who would not be happy about it would be Bill Kristol, Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck and…, wait for it…, low-energy Jeb Bush! THIS is WHY I think Trump would love to have Marco Rubio on the ticket with him! The impact on Hispanic or Latino voters would be nominal, as Trump is still going to do just fine with them. But picking Rubio would just piss Jeb Bush and the rest of the Bushies right off! It would be the final insult to the whole Bush clan and era. One more twist of the knife! As I have said before, it was not an accident that Trump announced the very day after Jeb did. This whole thing is all about the destruction of Jeb Bush at the start. Now, Trump has taken on a new life and cause, with a big target painted on Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton.