Gary Johnson won the presidential nomination at the 2016 Libertarian Party convention in Orlando, Florida. His chosen running mate, William Weld, was also approved during a chaotic second ballot. Turmoil broke out at the LP national convention for several reasons. Not the least of which was when one delegate, a hefty man, appeared on stage and stripped off his clothes to do a short dance. Now, you would think that since Libertarians support legalization of drugs and prostitution, that they would be okay with this display. But, NO! Many of the delegates called for the man to be discredited and removed from the delegate list, and the convention. Some even wanted the man drummed out of the Libertarian Party! How narrow minded of them! Consider this…,

The lunatic, Glenn Beck, was supporting Austin Petersen to be the LP presidential nominee. During a rigged debate between only five of the party′s presidential candidates Saturday night, Petersen not only called for a revolt should Donald Trump get elected in November, Petersen also publicly supported polygamy! NOW I understand why Glenn Beck, a Mormon, supported Petersen. It all makes perfect sense now.

Speaking of the debate, which was rigged, it was dreadful. Gary Johnson hardly answered any questions, choosing either to not share his opinions or just pretend that he didn′t know the topic. John McAfee looked like he was ready to go postal at the first opportunity. Petersen looked like he wanted to pose for an SS recruitment poster. There was also some kooky doctor, named Feldman, an anesthesiologist, who talked like he′s been sniffing his own gas too much. There was only one actual, REAL Libertarian on stage, some guy named Darryl Perry. You can tell he was a real Libertarian because he had bad hair, bad teeth, bad skin, probably bad liver, kidneys and other vital organs, all from practicing his Libertarian lifestyle. He even wore a bad suit of clothes, too stoned to have any fashion sense.

Denied from participating in the debate were the other 15 or 25 candidates, including my favorite political kook, Vermin Supreme. Several candidates, like Steve Kerbel and Cecil Ince, who actually got more votes during the presidential convention ballot than Dr. Feldman, were not included in the debate. The whole convention was rigged to benefit Gary Johnson, who was the 2012 Libertarian presidential candidate after failing to get anywhere as a GOP candidate. Johnson won the nomination easily with 171 delegates. John McAfee came in second with 26 and Glenn Beck′s buddy, Petersen, got 17. That Glenn Beck sure can pick′em!

But more trouble followed as later on Sunday, William Weld failed to win 50% of the vote to be the vice presidential candidate. He finished just shy of the goal, forcing a second ballot. Seems that many true Libertarians are growing tired of failed Republicans joining them so they can consume Koch Brother money and enjoy steak dinners coast to coast. Chaos ensued as numerous delegates disrupted the proceedings with Roberts Rules of Order, making every motion and inquiry they could to delay the second ballot. The tactic almost worked as two candidates did drop out, but they did so well after ballots were distributed and most state delegations had already voted. Weld wound up winning by a mere 32 votes and just barely crossed the 50% threshold.

So Gary Johnson and William Weld are the ticket for the Libertarian Party in the 2016 presidential election. Their objective is not to win, but merely to try to gain 15% support in polls so they can participate in televised debates between Donald J. Trump and Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. In other words, they already know they are losers and are just wasting everyone′s time. Some think that they are off to a good start with one poll by Fox News showing 10% support for Johnson. But I suspect that the big news from the 2016 Libertarian Party convention held in Orlando, Florida will be the stripping-dancing, fat man. I′m sure video of it will go viral on You-Tube. Nothing like a bit of nudity to peak one′s interests. Just ask Bill Clinton.